Kim- The End

Posted: July 1, 2007 in Beauty, Death, Fiction, Love

I just wrote this. I’m not sure where I’ll go with it, but I know it’s the end.

Seven years.
That’s the amount of time that must pass before a missing person is legally declared dead by the courts.
Seven years since Lucas had walked out of our lives, whether of his own free will or coerced by another factor, drugs, a kidnapper… no one was sure.
In truth, no one really cared except us. And now we stood on a decrepit set of bricks watching the priest say last rites for my invisible corpse of a son as rain symbolically pounded us. I don’t know why we were doing this; no one in our family had been especially religious. It just seemed like the right thing to do.
After seven years of waiting I thought I had no tears left. Yet they came more and more frequently as the funeral date had neared, and they now flow silently down my cheeks to meet my dark clothing.
I want this to be over. I want to leave and get back to life.
Lucas’ father stands silent, head bowed in a reverential pose, but I know he’s as impatient as I am.
The priest finally finishes, we both walk to the empty grave, identified only by undisturbed green grass and a slab of stone with my son’s name. I wonder now why I came. Why anyone bothered with this was beyond me, as it only saddened people more.
The tears are renewed with fresh vigor, though I still don’t make a noise. I lay the white rose that I hold on the grave. Unprotected now and exposed to the elements, the rose quickly becomes a bedraggled and lousy thing object. I wonder why I brought it.
We’re walking back to our car, the rain pouring from the sky exactly like the tears from my eyes. Through the gray atmosphere, I glance back at all that’s left of my son.
A woman is standing by the grave. She’s not dressed in black, which is why I pull away from my husband to walk to her. She turns as I march towards her. She’s smiling. The smile catches me by surprise and I am silent. I look at her.
Though it’s raining harder than ever, for some reason the water doesn’t touch her. I see her umbrella is transparent and she follows my eyes, staring through the umbrella and smiling wider as she sees the sky through its veil of rain.
Her dress is a deep teal, matching her bright eyes that are framed by tanned skin and a radiating beauty that captivates me. She lowers her gaze and looks deep into my own eyes.
I can’t speak.
She opens her mouth. “I’m Kim. Nice to meet you.”
Then she walked away from the grave and I.
I’m walking back to the car, where my husband is waiting.
“Why did you go back?” he asks me suddenly.
“Didn’t you see the woman?” I reply. I’m suddenly breathless and I don’t know why.
“What woman?”


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