I Am The Prey

Posted: July 8, 2007 in Brawl, Dark, Fiction, Sci-Fi

Chapter 4

Next thing I remember, I was lying on the ground, staring at the sky.
It was daytime.
There was someone holding me down on the ground.
It took a while for all of these things to kick in, but once they did I flipped out.
“Calm down.”
A woman’s voice. I calmed down. The voice was as persuasive as the person was strong.
“OK,” I said calmly. “Who are you? Where am I?”
Up until this point, she had been a shadow, blocked out by the sun. Now she released me and stood up, turning away. I slowly rose to my feet; I felt stiff. I wasn’t sure how long I had been laying there. The last thing I remembered was the mugger…who shot me…
I was suddenly very confused. “Who are you?”
She didn’t answer for a second. She brought a cigarette to her lips and inhaled. She breathed the smoke out with a practiced puff. Then she turned around.
Red eyes.
“I’m Kylie. Nice to see you again, Lucas.”
“What the fuck?” I hadn’t imagined the eyes. They really were the color of blood. And…why was she here?
“You’re probably confused…”
“No shit.”
“Well, Lucas, I don’t have much time. I’m going to bring you to the Brawlers and we’ll sort things out, get you a place to sleep and some food. You don’t look too good. Did you know you’ve been lying here for at least three days?
“Can’t say that I knew that particular tidbit. Who are the Brawlers?”
She smiled. It was a toothless smile, a hidden one. I was suddenly afraid. The smile was predatory, like I was her next meal.
“You’ll see. Let’s go.” She smiled and held out her hand. I stood my ground.
“Tell me.” It was a command. Bad move.
THUD. Something hard hit the back of my head. The world tilted up and then down, leaving me to fall, shattered, onto the ground.


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