Posted: July 9, 2007 in Brawl, Dark, Fiction, Sci-Fi

Chapter 5

“Lucas…Lucas…wake up…”
“WHAAA!!” I bolted upright, fists held in a fighting position. Kylie was gently shaking me. She backed off when I released my war cry.
“Calm down…”
I did. Again. She had some sort of power over me.
At this point I started to notice my surroundings. It looked like the interior of a small hut with rough-looking walls made from some sort of wood. Aside from the bed I was sitting on, there was nothing else besides Kylie and a large man standing silently by the door.
“Is that your gorilla? The one who hit me?”
The huge guy looked amused.
“Yes. It was for your own good. You had to come with us.”
“Well, now that I’m your guest, would you mind telling me some fucking information? I haven’t had the greatest time today.”
She knelt on the floor and stared directly at my eyes. The red irises were so strange that I had to look away quickly.
“You are in the village of Contusion. This is Brawler territory. Officer scouts have been spotted and we believe an offensive is being planned.”
I smiled.
“OK. Let me say one thing before primate boy sees fit to knock my head off. Who. The. Fuck. Are. The. Brawlers.”
“No time.” She was whispering by now, though I didn’t know why. “We’ve got to move you quickly before the Officers arrive. Can you walk?”
I didn’t reply for a minute. She repeated the question.
“Yeah, I think so.” To prove my point I swung myself out of bed. My legs were still stiff but that was all right. I could walk.
“So what other surprises are waiting for me, ya crazy bitch?”
That’s when the first bomb hit.


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