Posted: July 14, 2007 in Brawl, Dark, Fiction, Sci-Fi

Chapter 6

The shockwave from the bomb shook the framework of the hut.
“GO!” Kylie screamed
There was no arguing with her now. We burst out of the dwelling, where hell waited for us.
Huge clouds of bombs blotted out blue sky as they rained down on the village. There were people screaming and running for their lives, though the bombs seemed to only be hitting the buildings. The thing I noticed, oddly enough, was that all these rural villagers were dressed like a bunch of street punks, not what you would expect in a farm-like environment.
What I saw next was even stranger. The soldiers who were besieging the defenseless village weren’t dressed in army fatigues or combat gear.
They were clothed in ragged button down shirts, ties and pleated dress pants. It was like a bunch of office workers commanding an assault rather than clicking away at a computer monitor. The creepiest thing was that they were all heavily armed. One had an RPG propped up on his shoulder, while the others were armed with machine guns, shotguns and pistols.
I was momentarily slowed by this odd sight before Kylie tugged on my arm again.
I moved. We were running quickly through the village when the office workers stopped firing rockets and decided to sweep through the area with their guns. A chatter of machine gun fire left Kylie’s gorilla with useless legs. He dropped to the ground and we continued to run away from his helpless body. A pistol report from behind told us he was dead.
Still running like hell, Kylie grabbed me and pulled me behind a shed. Seconds later a rocket sped past where I had just been and hit an old farm house, leaving a smoldering shell.
“In here!” Kylie screamed into my ear. What looked to be a pile of junk was soon revealed to be a trapdoor as she cleared away the debris stacked upon it. We quickly ducked into the small sanctuary and found ourselves in a small tunnel illuminated by small lanterns.
“Move quickly!”
We flew. I’ve never run so fast before, escaping from danger as though the office workers were right behind us as we fled down the tunnel. I glanced behind me.
They were.
Three men with pistols could be heard and occasionally seen around the twists and turns of the cavern as we continued our mad dash.
“Almost there!”
No response. Only movement. She’s faster than me, and I can sense the enemy behind us. Behind me.
The men were getting closer, so close that I could feel as bullets whizzed over my shoulder and buried themselves in the stone sides of the tunnel.
A shaft of light different from the dim lamps that light our path. We increase our pace in an effort to reach the brightness, the saving outside world.
A bullet has hit me. Bastards got lucky. I stumble, nearly fall and continue towards the light. My shoulder is on fire, warm and sticky blood spreads slowly, staining my already dirty shirt even more.
Then everything slows down. The pain fades. I feel fine, I feel fast. I feel like I’m fighting.
The office workers can’t catch me now. I charge to the ladder of freedom, barely matching pace with Kylie. She is already shimmying up the ladder and I follow suit, still numbed to the pain.
The enemy is now put behind us, but I know they’re going to follow. I burst out of the hole and see Kylie has stopped, messing with something on the ground.
“What are you-”
The ground shakes like an earthquake, and with a quick glance at our escape route, I see that Kylie has blown it up. The entrance is now sealed and the still-shaking earth leads me to believe that the office workers won’t be coming out of the tunnel.
Kylie is panting heavily, hands still clutching the dynamite plunger that she had used to blow the tunnel. I then realize that I’m feeling fantastic. Adrenaline courses through me like a drug, feeding me and stopping any and all pain or exhaustion.
“So,” I say, smiling cockily at her. “Who the fuck were they?”

  1. evan says:

    cool. sounds like a forgotten storyline from “Sin City”

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