Posted: July 30, 2007 in Beauty, Imagery, Musings

I have written several snippets describing some people (i.e. girls) I know or have seen…

She’s too straight for me. The blond hair is too yellow, the blue eyes too fishlike, the freckles not cute but simply blemishes. I don’t even know if she likes me, but we’re dancing. Her looks are all that I know of her right now, and there’s no lasting impression to keep me holding onto her waist. I let go and dissolve into the crowd.

She matches my stare with one of her own, hazel eyes shining with anticipation and the club’s lights as they swirl and strobe above our heads. Her short hair hangs down in loose strands around her face, the light brown color nearly black in the gloom of the club, and she takes me by the hand onto the dance floor.

Why she had to wear the green dress that night, I’ll never know. She looked perfect as always, hair tied back and wispy enough to look deceptively as though she hadn’t touched it at all and striking a cocky pose, hands resting on a wide belt that cinched tightly around her hips and screamed “chic”. She laid a hand on my cheek; stupidly, I wished I had shaved. Her eyes. Her dark green eyes were dull to the point of complete disinterest in me as she dug her specially sharpened nails into the side of my face.

Her thick brown hair swoops down to cover her face as she walks along the hall. She brushes it away and shifts her load of books to another arm. I try to act like I haven’t been looking at her the whole time, but she catches my gaze as I shuffle guiltily by. A small smile tilts her mouth upwards and her soft brown eyes twinkle with warmth.

She’s asleep. I don’t want to wake her up but I’ve got to. The deep gold of the afternoon sunlight plays over her pale face, and I gently shake her shoulder. Her eyes slowly open, two bottomless green pools that dreamily focus onto my own. She rubs them and sits up, giving me a happy look and a bright smile.

She looked at me with pleading eyes, a dark promise of hope hidden somewhere within jade. Strands of violet hair streaked across her face, yet the luminous eyes remained distinct and sharp, locked to me. “Take it.” Her hand found mine, and a small note slipped into my grasp. She turned and left me, slight form walking into the distant glow of streetlights. I stood like that for a while before looking at the scrap of paper she had left. One word was printed there: “Goodbye.”

  1. Cat says:

    hey nice job reads a bit like mystery which was cool and the pacing was fastish to me which is cool.

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