Computerly Life Musings

Posted: August 9, 2007 in Life, Musings, Non-Fiction

So here I sit in front of the computer, Beast and the Harlot roaring through my speakers, it’s 1:01 AM and I really feel pretty good. Avenged Sevenfold can really do a man good so late at night. My good friend is having troubles and so naturally must sign off AIM, and there’s not really anyone to talk to. The headphones feel warm on my ears, the music nice and enclosed. I have a pair of those really nice, oldschool phones that surround your ears like noisy earmuffs. I don’t feel like sleeping anytime soon. I have a bottle of water– delicious really– my music and thou, the computer. My script is what I really ought to be doing but I don’t know if I’ll even be able to finish it or get together with anyone to do it. Maybe I should just store it for the future, but I ‘m not really sure. That old electronica song Blue Da Ba Dee just came on at 1:06 and it makes me feel like dancing. More and more people sign off and it’s trite and tiring really.I wonder why people can’t just say hi to others for the hell of it, or actually carry on a conversation with more than monosyllabic responses. We live in such a weird culture where ANY of this stuff is actually possible; the internet, video games, cars, guitars, pretty much anything. It’s so strange how in such a relatively short amount of time we have progressed so far. Misirlou is on now, the theme song from Pulp Fiction, at about 1:09. Now I’m starting to feel the sleepiness come upon me. Sleep is such a waste of time that could be spent much more productively, like by writing. A lot of the writing I do is so violent, and I’m not really sure why I’m so centered on that subject. It’s just easy to write about. I think it’s time to close the word processor and take a spin around the internet.

  1. larkie says:

    Shouldn’t you feel special, I spent 20 seconds registering on this thing so I could comment. No, you really shouldn’t, but don’t take that in a mean way, I just have too much time on my hands.

    The earmuff headphones- I once accidentally pilfered a pair of my grandfather’s old-people headphones, the ones you plug into a TV so you can hear better, because he’s nearly deaf. They were amazing. I broke them on the flight home, but they were still amazing for the time in which they functioned :3

    Also, when I was little, I listened to Radio Disney all the time and that ‘Blue’ song [isn’t it weird I still remember who signs that, Eiffel 66] would come on, but eventually they just spoofed the shit out of it. Teenage girls would call in and say ‘pink’ instead of ‘blue’ and that sucked, it didn’t make any sense. Who wants a pink care or a pink house or a pink girlfriend. Christ.

    “It’s so strange how in such a relatively short amount of time we have progressed so far.” I love this sentence, ’cause it makes me think of the word ‘exponentially,’ and it’s one of my favorites. Hee.

    “A lot of the writing I do is so violent, and I’m not really sure why I’m so centered on that subject.” A lot of the writing I do is sappy and fluffy, and that comes naturally, which is worrisome. I think it’s sort of like my life is never that ridiculously good, so I end up writing other people like that. And I suppose you would find it badass to be this brawny guy who could just go around and kills the hell out of everyone. Actually, that doesn’t make any sense, nevermind, because I think that sounds luffly too and I never write that. Yeah, nevermind.

    When I come home I’m telling you all about the arguments I had with my dad. They’re amazing. They’re less arguments than him droning and me going ‘oh god wtf I don’t understand–!’

    See you soon.

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