C’est La Vie

Posted: August 11, 2007 in Brawl, Dark, Fiction, Sci-Fi

Chapter 9

So here I am being stared down by a ginger hippy with an attitude problem and for the life of me I can’t string together a simple sentence.
Kylie cuts in. “I found him.”
Sol gives her a withering look. “I realize this, Lucy.” Ouch. “Cat thinks he’s a Brawler, and if that is true then we have no place for him here.”
Kylie looks betrayed, and she casts a wounded look towards Cat. He pulls a small package from his pocket and, unwrapping it, another cookie disappears into his mouth.
“Why would you say that he looks like a Brawler, Cat?”
Cat simply smiles. “I saw fights. Brutal…fights.” He sighs with what sounds almost like contentment. “His knuckles are covered with the armor of a man who uses his fists. It’s a dead giveaway.”
Sol fixes his unblinking stare on Kylie. “And yet he ran away from a fight.”
“The Officers, they…Contusion is lost.”
The mood changed, Sol’s anger clearly rising into a dangerous zone.
His voice is quiet. “You said you could handle it.”
“They…have something new…it set fire to the village.”
Sol rumbled with a cold fury. “And where did he come from?”
“He’s one of the Fallen.”
“Really now.” Cat’s voice wasn’t quite mocking but something in his tone sounded almost sardonic. “Well, that seems likely, given that there hasn’t been a Faller since Kylie came here five years ago. Why not now?”
“Why is it so hard to believe?” Kylie was getting agitated. “He ran when a Brawler would have stood his ground. No Brawler would have done that, you know it. So why can’t he be one of the Fallen?”
Long pause. Sol studied the ground, apparently in deep thought. Cat had slipped on a pair of mirrored aviators and was munching on a piece of licorice. Kylie stood her ground, nervously flicking her gaze between Cat and Sol.
“Fine.” Sol’s voice seemed softer. “If he can pull his weight around here then he can stay.”
“Stay?” I blurted that one word out so suddenly that everyone immediately glanced in my direction with surprise. “What makes you think I want to stay?”
Cat smiles at me, revealing his sharp teeth. “Don’t fool yourself, Lucas. You hated your world, and so did I.”
‘How do you know anything about where I came from, huh? Why would you–” Wait. Something didn’t add up. “You know my world?”
“I was a Faller once too, friend Lucas. The world was ending and I slipped over to the other side.”
This entire situation made no sense whatsoever. Was this really a parallel universe? If so, how did I get here?
“Lucas, would you leave? Lucy and I need to discuss some recent events. Cat will find you a place to stay.”
“I…” There was no arguing with this guy as he pointed to the entrance, his stare still on Kylie. I quickly ducked out of the tent, Cat following me closely.
I took a deep breath. Cat gave me an emotionless look and pulled a bagel covered in plastic wrap out of his sweatshirt pocket. He peeled off the package. It was onion.
He continued to regard me passively as he drew cream cheese and a small knife from his sleeve, taking the two halves of the bagel and dressing them with the condiment.
I waited until he had finished his treat before asking my questions.
“How did you know about that?”
“Know about what?”
“The fight. Kylie and I didn’t mention it at all to you. And my world. How could you have known where I came from?”
He laughed and wiped cream cheese away from his mouth.
“Friend Lucas, I’ve got a long history and you really don’t need to hear much of what I have to say. It’s all meaningless. C’est la vie, you know? It is the life, and the way it’s going right now is quite enjoyable to me.”
I paused.
“I’d still like to hear about it. Your past, I mean.”
Cat sighed.
“Sit, then. This story is long and it may bore you to tears, so just let me know when I can stop alright?”
And so he began.

  1. goodnightcat says:

    Sweet. Love your use of Cat. We’ll talk about his back story.

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