Life of Cat

Posted: August 20, 2007 in Brawl, Dark, Fiction, Sci-Fi

Chapter 10

Cat sprawled out on the ground, regardless of the muddy state it was in. I chose to stand as he spoke.
“The first thing you should know is that I was the Muse of Dreams on Earth. My job was to regulate the flow of dreams in and out of the Noir, a domain where fantasies were constructed, packaged, and sent to the people on Earth.”
“A Muse?”
“Yes. The Muses were created at the dawn of time, each to represent an idea, an emotion…they were the regulators, governors. For however many positive Muses there were, often opposites of a negative distinction appeared to keep balance. My opposite was the Muse of Nightmares–” Cat’s voice grew bitter and his face contorted briefly. “–a man called Miur.”
Cat drew a deep breath and leaned back to stare at the stars. “Miur was…a demon. Worse than evil. His nightmares were brutal to the point of savagery, his corruption was boundless. He would INVADE where I was welcome, plant his sick dreams inside a helpless mind…he was my mortal enemy.”
Clouds were enveloping the sky, twinkling stars slowly becoming obscured.
“As the world spun in a slow motion over the billions of years, our battles became fiercer and more violent, often causing havoc and confusion in the minds of so many people, which essentially was Miur’s objective. This was never something I could easily forget, and I was obsessed with revenge. Revenge tinged my dreams, and soon there was little to nothing good that I could create. It drove me mad. In the End, it mattered little, though I am ashamed to have neglected my duties as Muse of Dreams.”
“Throughout my Earthly existence I made a few friends, chief among them the Muse of Song, Eve, may he rest in peace.”
My interjection sounded discordant as it cut into Cat’s anguished narrative. “He’s dead?”
Cat’s withering look made me sorry to have interrupted. “He was stabbed.”
“By another Muse?”
“No. It was a mugger. It doesn’t matter, he would have died anyway.”
His tone was nearly furious. “Listen, and I’ll tell you.”
“Near the end of my time on Earth, I made a horrible mistake…I fell in love.”
Cat fell silent. The stillness stretched out before us as the night grew darker. Only as the clouds parted to reveal a crescent moon did he stand to speak.
“I should take you to your tent. I’ll tell you the rest there.”
His silhouette was hard to follow in the gloom of the camp, a lighter shade of gray on a background of murky blackness. I dug into my pocket and pulled out my lighter, the small flame giving me more comfort than illumination.
We walked in silent contemplation to a tent that was near Sol’s living space. It was as small and nondescript as the others surrounding it, giving no air of charm or relaxation in its appearance.
Cat parted the tent flap to go inside, and as I followed him a sneeze rocked my body, my eyes closing as I entered.
My eyes opened, and I was stopped cold by shock at the interior of the tent.
This couldn’t be happening.

  1. goodnightcat says:

    Brilliant Luke. If I dare say so I think this is your best yet. Your story just keeps getting better.

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