Posted: August 24, 2007 in Beauty, Fiction, Imagery, Love

There’s something about that color that gets me.
So calming, no matter who’s wearing it.
You remembered.
You wore that aquamarine dress I love so much, the one that highlights your eyes and turns them into something deeper, a vibrant shade of verdant malachite.
Even in the dark, you glow with a bright inner light. It takes my breath away, and I bend to your ear and whisper, making you giggle with delight. Your laugh is rich, a melodious harmony that is true music to my ears.
You turn to meet my gaze and a close embrace brings us together. Your lips are so soft, pink clouds brought to Earth for you, blue-green beauty, to wear.
Now it’s dawn. The time has slipped away from us like water in a sieve, leaking until nothing is left and you must leave me. You slip away with a long glance towards me, and I am alone.
Sun bursts into my room, luminous strips decorating my bedspread, bright turquoise…
I wake up.

You remembered.

  1. larkie says:

    I was going to comment even before you whined at me to. :] I’m so nice.

    There are some nice descriptions in here. “a vibrant shade of verdant malachite” [it’s even got alliteration! :0], “little bands of poetry,” “time has slipped away from us like water in a sieve”.

    But there were- I have to be critical for a second- parts that were extremely corny like woahh. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m pretty sure that most girls I know would laugh their asses off if a guy tried to whisper poetry in her ear. I don’t know, it’s not like you carry a book of that around in your head, it strikes me as overly sappy. Also- it’s extremely hard to get away with the words ‘my love’ unless you were dead before, um, 1920 or so. Because really.

    The ending makes me all D: Because it’s cute and then you’re all, aww, he’s just dreaming.

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