Posted: September 11, 2007 in Dark, Fiction, Imagery, Life

Don’t think about what you’re doing.
Can you do that?
Can you try?
Is it even possible to try to react instinctively?
Doesn’t it just happen?
You don’t know, and you can’t feel it. There’s no reaction or instinct laying dormant inside your body, just waiting to leap out and do some damage.
No, all the damage right now is being done to your face, your body.
The impact of a fist against a nose is a peculiar feeling. It’s an event that you will experience with all five senses.
You see the fist closing into your face, your eyes tear up as it makes contact.
You feel the SMACK resonating against your skull and the cartilage forming your nose spreads a watery pain across your face.
You hear the same smack, your ears pop with the force of this outside attack.
If you’re unlucky then you’ll taste blood as your teeth snap down on your tongue or your lips.
You smell that same coppery, cloying richness of your own life force draining from your nostrils or your mouth.
Your assailant watches as you raise your hands to defend yourself, and everyone is laughing at you.
You don’t know how to fight. This is the extent of your fighting instinct.
You can’t.
You cast a scared look around the group that encircles you. It doesn’t matter what they really think of you, because right now you’re the target, and as long as it’s not them they can sit back and enjoy the spectacle.
A lightning fast pillar of steel erupts out into the air, a whip crack and you’re on the ground. Mud on your face. Big disgrace.
And you’re finished.
Everyone leaves.
An explosion has just passed by, and no one is more the wiser.

  1. larkie says:


    except for the queen lines there near the end which made me cringe, sorry 😛 fact: i have never known why blood gets described as coppery because i always have to lick it off my finger once i’ve checked my sugar and it’s not metallic like everybody says, they are liars. despite this i like the words ‘coppery’ and ‘cloying’ together and yeah. alliteration FTW luke.

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