Posted: September 11, 2007 in Brawl, Dark, Fiction, Sci-Fi

Chapter 15

Few things can make you want to shit your pants more than seeing a steel crossbow bolt buried in your chest.
Oddly enough there was no blood. In truth, there was no pain, even. I felt fine. Better than fine, I felt energized.
My hand rose and wrapped around the cold shaft. I gripped it and pull.
A crunching sound accompanied the removal of the bolt, and I looked down at the new hole in my shirt.
There wasn’t even a mark on me.
Like I hadn’t even been hit.
I dropped the bolt, shiny steel clanging onto the floor. I slowly lifted my gaze to meet Cat’s sad eyes. “What the fuck is going on?”
Cat finally lowered the crossbow and dropped it in his lap. He rubbed at his eyes and leaned forward, staring intently at me. “Do you remember when you were running from the Officers yesterday?”
“How could I forget?”
“Apparently you’ve forgotten one particular nugget of information that I would think should be stuck in your mind.”
“Guess not.” Cat stood and reached into the pocket of his jeans, pulling out a packet of black licorice. He didn’t offer me any and I said nothing.
“Nothing yet?” I shook my head from side to side.
“Lucas…don’t you remember being shot?”
Oh my God.
I had been.
It didn’t even register in my mind. I had been shot.
My hand frantically crawls under my shirt and to my shoulder. Nothing. Smooth skin lies beneath the raggedy cotton.
“There’s no wound…”
“I know.”
“So it would seem that I’m invulnerable.”
“It would seem so.”
We were both silent for a while before Cat spoke.
“We need to get moving. The Officers will be here soon if they aren’t already.”
“So what do I use to fight?”
“You’ve got your fists, right? I’m thinking with your newfound power you’ll have a lot of fun cracking skulls if need be.”
I grinned. Being told that you’re unable to be killed certainly ups your confidence quite a bit. “Let’s go then.”
Cat walked to the entrance and ducked outside. I followed him through and we began to walk to the front gates.
“So, do you want to hear some more of my story before we get there?”
“Oh, right. Sure, why not?”
“All right.” Cat took a deep breath and stared straight ahead. “When I was the Muse of Dreams on Earth, I fell in love with an angel named Iris.”
“Iris was…so beautiful. When we met there was no denying the spark between us, though naturally such feelings are discouraged by the ‘powers that be’.”
“That was my fatal mistake.”
“When I decided to mess with hierarchy, I endangered the lives of too many people, too many dreamers. With Iris on my mind so much of the time, I began to almost fully neglect my duties, tired with Miur’s relentless and nightmarish attacks against my own good dreams. By doing this I placed myself in a difficult situation along with Iris and the Muse of Song, Eve.”
“Miur took his own break when he realized what I had done, simply so he could meddle with my life AGAIN.” Cat’s voice was shaking. “ And so one night I felt I could give Iris something that no one but the Muse of Dreams could forge.”
“I spent many weeks in the Noir, constructing the perfect, beautiful dream for my love. All else went unnoticed, and Miur, completely unhindered by any of my authority, went on a rampage of nightmares, often causing heart attacks to people in their sleep.”
“All of the other Muses and eventually even Iris begged me to remember why I was on Earth in the first place. Yet there was nothing that I could do but continue the dream. When I was finally finished, Iris refused to see me, driving me into a deep depression.”
“I went back to work but my heart was simply not in the art of dreams any longer. I implored Iris to see me on many occasions, wept and plead for her forgiveness, until one night she acquiesced and met me to receive her dream.”
“That was the last time I saw her.” Cat stopped talking and I stole a glance over at him. Secret tears were pouring down his cheeks in utter silence. We remained mute for the remainder of the walk to the gates. Cat’s tears were gone, for which I was thankful, but he was still not speaking. He motioned for the guards to open the gate.

  1. goodnightcat says:

    Beautiful back story with Iris. I like your continuation of their past a lot. Where did you get the idea for the dream?

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