Cat’s Saints

Posted: September 12, 2007 in Brawl, Dark, Fiction, Sci-Fi

Chapter 16

With a long creaking noise, the large metal gates were swung outward. Cat and I walked out of the city and paused at its threshold.
“Are you ready?” Cat’s voice was quiet.
“I– yeah.”
“Oh Ca–at!” A voice called from behind us, and we turned to meet a group of three people approaching us.
The man in the center was by far the most interesting. His hair was a dark blond, long on one side to obscure an eye and shortened on the other. His eyes were a vivid mint green encircled by dark eyeliner.
He grinned at Cat, showing serrated teeth that gave him the appearance of a confident shark. While intimidating, he seemed to be friendly enough.
“Lucas, this is Squire.” Cat’s voice was strong and his head raised high. Apparently these were allies.
The woman to Squire’s right was short, with clear turquoise eyes and multicolored cropped hair that reached her shoulders. She raised the crossbow she held in greeting, smiling and saying, “I’m Diana.”
The last member of the group had straight, brown hair that hung past his shoulders. Two dark blue eyes glared out from behind a dark curtain. A couple of short axes were strapped to his belt, his hands resting on the handles. “Adam.”
I shook hands with Squire and Diana, but Adam kept to himself, favoring me with a nod.
“So!” Squire gave an exuberant shark’s grin once more. “Where are the bastards?” His eyes glittered with what I assumed to be bloodlust.
“They should be here soon. Remember, Squire, this may just be a negotiation.”
“Like hell it will be!” Squire stretched powerful arms high above his head and he fixed Cat with a penetrating stare. “Officers are just scum.”
“We’re not going to incite a conflict today. But if they simply want to fight, then we’ll give them one.”
“Fantastic.” Maybe it was just me, but Squire’s fingernails seemed to elongate for a moment, almost as if daggers had been affixed to each finger.
I blinked and they were their original length once more. Squire caught my eye and winked. It looked as though he wasn’t carrying a weapon at all, so it was possible that I hadn’t imagined the growing nails.
“Lucas?” Cat’s voice brought me out of my thoughts and I glanced towards the somber Muse. “I forgot to tell you that we would be meeting my platoon at the gates. Diana, Squire and Adam are under my command.”
“OK.” The group fell silent, and the guards behind us pulled the gate shut to lock us out of Da Vinci.
For ten minutes we stood there without making a sound. Just as I was wondering if the Officers were actually going to show up, everyone except me straightened and became alert. Diana and Cat lifted their crossbows to a firing position, Adam drew the two axes from their side holsters and a quiet clicking sound told me Squire was unsheathing his long, sharp nails.
I saw nothing, but raised my fists anyway. Time seemed to stand still as we waited with bated breath, tensed up and ready to kill.
A long, whining object sped past my head; assuming it to be a mosquito or some other insect I slapped at my ear.
Surprisingly to me, as my fingertips grazed my ear, I realized that it was not entirely there. A chunk was missing, though it was reforming as quickly as the whining projectile had gone past me.
Suddenly there were Officers everywhere, all armed heavily and wearing bulletproof vests over their office clothing. The previously peaceful atmosphere was shattered by the sudden assault, and without thinking I rushed towards conflict.
I raised my fist and smashed it into the nearest Officer’s face, cracking his nose into his skull. He fell without a fight.
I smiled.
I had found my niche.

  1. larkie says:

    i am not completely sure about the invicibility aspect, i’m still trying to wrap my head around it properly and deciding whether it sends lucas into the far outreaches of gary stu, deux ex machina land. so let me ponder more and i’ll get back to you when i’ve decided. otherwise: squire. oh goodness. i like it.

  2. goodnightcat says:

    😀 blood blood blood! Love your description of gore.

    Can not WAIT for the battle :3

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