The Lake of Souls

Posted: September 22, 2007 in Beauty, Dark, Imagery, Musings, Nature

The spirits waft across the lake in constant motion, perpetual wandering to find peace. The water is cool to the touch, not the fire and brimstone promised in life, but a sweet body that welcomes all.
You pause at the edge.
You wonder.
Where are they going?
The souls drift calmly, no rush, no hurry. Nothing from the mortal plane restrains them.
You wish you were with them.
You wonder.
Where are they going?
The moon is a calm reflection in the lake, a crescent that hangs over us all to illuminate the night. The moon is their watcher, their ferryman as they make their last journey.
You gaze at the mild blue ocean that they make their home for the night.
You wonder.
Where are thy going?
Now you, leave your body behind. Join the voyage, they shall stay the course and welcome you like an old friend.
Let your soul drift to the lake.
Let your cares, let your worries dissolve into smoke just as you do.
You release yourself.
You know where they are going.


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