Dream Freeze

Posted: September 23, 2007 in Brawl, Dark, Fiction, Sci-Fi

Chapter 17

Chaos. Pandemonium. There were too many words to describe the bloodbath taking place outside of Da Vinci.
We were clearly outmatched and outgunned, with four Saints and myself to twenty Officers, but our group was infinitely more skilled with their weapons.
Diana and Cat seemed perfectly in sync with each other, every shot from their crossbows either injuring or killing their targets.
Adam was a whirlwind of chopping and slicing as he tore through the mad crowd of Nazis like so many hot knives through butter.The dark blue eyes were shining with ferocious glee as axes cleaved through enemies.
Leaping around the battle and carving up Officers was Squire, nails elongated to a length of about three inches and pointed at the end. The environment was his playground, his fighting style that of a feral ninja as he diced up his foes.
And me? I felt amazing, every bullet a stimulant, every bashed knuckle a shot of espresso. While Officers fell all around the battlefield, we were
And then it stopped.
There was a bullet hanging in mid-air right in front of my face, a lead slug suspended.
I tapped it and it remained motionless. Glancing around at my companions and the Officers, it was strange to think that moments before they had been moving. The frozen action was nearly comical as I viewed everyone caught in ridiculous poses.
But I could move. I could move and I could think. For that I was thankful.
I began to walk towards the edge of the woods that surrounded our fight and Da Vinci. Something had caught my eye and I now had the leeway to check it out.
I walked into the thick forest and stopped cold.
About fifteen more Officers were crouched in between and behind trees, weapons readied. A man wearing a long, black trench coat seemed to be their leader, his hand outstretched towards the battle. He was truly an evil-looking individual, with short, bristly black hair, an unnaturally dark face and two gray eyes sunk deep into his skull.
It wasn’t cold, but I was shivering nonetheless.
Then he moved.


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