Trailer Number 9

Posted: September 29, 2007 in Dark, Fiction, Imagery, Life, Nihilism, Ugly

“Get out.”

A stale smell from a cheap carpet and a view of ugly colors ranging from an algae-like wall to a bright and gaudy knickknack lying on the mantle. This is your home.

“Did you hear me?”

A shitty job as a maintenance man doing freelance work for every person that punches your number into their cordless Motorola house phones, your partner with his badly sunburned, shaved head and his stupid jokes. This is your profession.

“Get OUT.”

A bad relationship with the first woman you saw out of high school, once a lithe and beautiful woman with a sparkling sense of humor, now bloated and stuck to the couch watching Oprah. This is your wife.

“I’m calling the police.”

Wander away from your cramped and horribly dark trailer, walk away from the park to the tree-lined streets of providence, a clear and beautiful place to live. This is your escape.

“Hello officer. There’s a drunk man in my house and he won’t leave.”

So why can’t this rich man understand that you need to get away, away from a tiny space with no more alcohol to help forget about life? Why can’t he see that you’re just out of gin?

“The police will be here soon.”

This is your life.

  1. axajane says:

    Great work, you do well at bringing the reader into the story, good talent to have, especially if your gonna have me reading your work, since I have a bit of ADD it’s hard for me to stay in the story, but you keep my attention in the words, and in what you use them to create.
    Great work. ❤

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