Musings Of The Fairer Sex And My Own Writing Style

Posted: October 2, 2007 in Beauty, Imagery, Life, Love, Musings, Romance, Women

There are too many girls in the world who attempt to cover up their physical flaws. All of these methods to make perfect bodies are overkill.
I have seen too many girls wearing an excess of makeup when the true glow is already in their cheeks without it.
There are the bleached blonds with their dark roots showing, the rail-thin queens of fashion with their flawlessly long and fake eyelashes and the blemishes covered up by the application of foundation, blush, lipstick eyeshadow, etc.
I want to see true black hair and cute brunettes, flaxen blonds with pale skin and freckles scattered across their faces, not these overgrown dolls that constantly primp and disguise theirselves. Redheads with white faces and blushing cheeks. I want something real.
Yet who am I to judge? All I have is the privilege to see all the beauty around me every day, to absorb it all and transcribe it in the best way that I can with my words that are all too often woefully inadequate. To really capture the gorgeous eye color of the girl sitting in front of me, what words can I really use to accurately describe such a feature?
I cannot, and this pains me. I seek to improve upon my vocabulary only to attempt to paint a picture of the entrancing goddesses all around me, and even now I run short of words to reflect my thoughts.
I write on in my own hurried fervor, writing only to pay tribute to a goal that eludes my grasp for now.
I wish now that I had the gift of the artist’s hand, steady brushstrokes painting a vision to rival those in the real world that I could really call my own creation.
Now I lie awake and dreaming of you and I hope you realize my intentions are pure, lacking the lust that come with knowledge. So be it that my task is to embed your descriptions into my works forevermore.

  1. larkie says:

    oh jeez, it is totally boys like you that make me daring enough to go to school sometimes with NO MAKEUP. you are so nice to people sometiems. the second paragraph just makes me melt like, like patrick’s voice does. it’s just that warm and cuddly. ❤

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