Everything Is Perfect

Posted: October 17, 2007 in Dark, Death, Drama, Fiction, Horror, Life, Script, War

Mary sits by a table in the middle of the stage, sipping from a cup of tea. She wears an opera mask and a dress. She looks calm and has an absent-minded smile on her face. She looks up as Walter enters from stage left and her smile widens. Walter also wears an opera mask and a suit of some kind.


Mary: How was work, Walter dear?

Walter: (he looks tired but forces a smile anyway) Fine, just fine. How was your day?

Mary: (suddenly excited) Oh, it was marvelous! Jane came over and we talked for hours. Did you know that Ann’s pregnant again?

Walter: (hesitant) No…no, I didn’t. That’s, er, wonderful. What’s for dinner?

Mary: Oh, I thought we might have a stew.

Walter: Shouldn’t you start making it now? It’s nearly six…

Mary: Oh, but I want to talk to you. Tell me about your day.


There is a long pause as Walter stares at Mary. He finally sits down opposite Mary.


Walter: Work was great. I, er, we opened up a new contract with a firm in Spokane, and it, um, looks to be very lucrative. (This whole time Mary is staring at him with a sort of tranquilized smile on her face) Shouldn’t- shouldn’t you start the stew?

Mary: Dear, you must learn patience. We’ll eat. (She cocks her head to the side and widens her smile.)

Walter: (he forces another smile) Yes, I suppose you’re right.

Mary: (with excessive cheerfulness) Isn’t life wonderful?!

Walter: (taken aback by her outburst) Er, yes. Of course…


Walter stands. He stops to think for a moment.


Walter: No. (Mary looks up at him in question) No, it’s not perfect. (He walks closer to Mary) You’ve got to wake up!

Mary: (still smiling) Whatever could you mean, dear?

Walter: This is all a lie! You’ve got to realize that!

Mary: (she laughs) Oh Walter, everything is perfect. I don’t know what you’re talking about.


Walter rips off his mask and glares at Mary in a rage.


Walter: PERFECT? The world is dead, Mary. You need to open your eyes to the truth. We’ve got to stop this false reality! (Mary is still looking at him with the same pasted-on smile) LISTEN TO ME! Nuclear war doesn’t mean you can cocoon yourself into your own personal fantasy! You’ve got to face the facts! (he advances towards her in a menacing manner) STOP SMILING!

Mary suddenly stands up and briskly walks away, exiting stage right.


Walter: Mary? Mary! Come back!


Walter follows her off-stage, calling after her. A pistol shot interrupts him. Mary slowly walks back onto the stage, holding a revolver in her hand. She walks to her chair and sits. The fake smile is still pasted onto her face.


Mary: How was your day, dear?

  1. axajane says:

    You’re amazing.

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