Meeting Sasha

Posted: October 21, 2007 in Beauty, City, Culture, Dark, Death, Drama, Fantasy, Fiction, Horror, Nix, Sadism, Urban, Vampire, War, Women

Bela Boulevard is what remains of the rich section of town after the Reformation and the resulting influx of monsters into the City, a tattered section of imitation Victorian styles and festooned with enough turrets, towers and secret tunnels to make any reclusive upper class citizen happy.
As undead and the like swept through every neighborhood, the rich estates were the first to go. Unaccustomed to survival without precious possessions and lavish houses, high society’s population quickly fell and eventually disappeared all together.
Naturally those who had been waiting for the apocalypse, those holed up in dark cellars filled with yearlong supplies of food, clutching guns and praying for salvation were among the few who lived. These fanatics, along with the hardcore sets of town and anyone tough enough to survive, soon scurried from the woodwork to find a decrepit City fading fast and dotted with clusters of bloodthirsty creatures of the night.
Emerging into this new world, some of the most enterprising survivors decided that Bela Boulevard would be ripe for the picking of salvage, thus shouldering their meager packs and symbolically heading west to check out the situation.
They searched for treasure, yet in their greed found only death.
A clan of vampires known only as the Vanguards had rapidly incorporated themselves into the narrow line of mansions as their main base of operations. Soon Bela Boulevard was nicknamed Death Row and people stayed far away, for fear of becoming a gutted wall ornament in a vampire lair.
Vanguards often made raids on the human settlements, taking ‘meals’ but rarely killing anyone in cold blood. The smarter ones began to realize that vampires were stronger and had far more bodies than the humans, thus coming to the conclusion that the City’s population had simply become a corralled group of cows, ripe for the picking and feasting.
One day, a woman was kidnapped and spirited away to Death Row, an unremarkable event that the inhabitants were now used to. However, one of her captors, a majordomo within the Vanguard family, had an eye for humans and subsequently raped her.
The woman was then stored in the cellar of 357 Bela Boulevard and often sampled by some of the more sophisticated vampires; her existence was reduced to that of a fine bottle of wine resting until needed.
Nine months later, however, a squalling infant was born in the dust-filled basement. Both the mother and the Vanguard vampires were surprised at this result, as there was no record of vampires ever having children.
She was decreed a half-vampire and as such a threat. Her mother was consumed and on the next raid into the City proper, the baby was unceremoniously dropped into the slum of Twilight, a small settlement composed of a resilient band of punk rockers and street people.
The child grew into a beautiful and distant young girl with hair the color of midnight and deep green eyes that seemed to be constantly set in a thousand-yard stare. The citizens of Twilight had seen the shadow of her mother’s face placed over delicate cheekbones and soft features, and so surmised her to be related, in some way, to the vampires.
By the time of her sixteenth birthday she was told the truth and realized she was a half-vampire. This revelation by Twilight’s people, coupled with the incredible strength and sharpened canine teeth that accompanied her puberty, was enough for her. Over the next few months she was quieter than usual, often walking alone by herself, a dangerous pastime in the City but one that she was never affected by.
A year later, she left Twilight forever.
She was seventeen, and her destination was Bela Boulevard.
No one knows how she did it, but within two years the Vanguard family had either been killed or driven away from the former Death Row. The girl took residence in 357 Bela Boulevard, the largest mansion on the street and began to hunt vampires with a thirsty vengeance.
Where many simply fought vampires when provoked or to defend their homes, the girls actively sought them out and plunged stakes into their hearts. By the time she was estimated to be twenty-four, her name had been discovered, burned into the many corpses found strewn across the City’s landscape.
Huntress, half-vampire and hell-bent on bringing down the creatures of the night.
So why was I here?
Number 357 Bela Boulevard loomed over me, dark and crumbling, obscuring the burning sun. The name SASHA was carved into the door, an imposing name that held its own power simply through notoriety.
I walked up the dirty steps and knocked on the dirtier door, my knuckles rapping lightly on the gouged wood where the S was inscribed. Almost immediately it flew open, and I was confronted by a tall woman wearing only a pair of panties and a panicked expression. She squeaked, moved to cover her breasts and pushed past me quickly, fleeing in a whirlwind of long red hair that flowed almost frantically behind her. Staring at her as she ran down the street, I noted the long red lines coursing down her back.
Lashings from a whip.
I suddenly didn’t want to enter the house.
Swallowing my fear, I pushed the door open wider and slowly walked in. I was confronted by a dilapidated foyer that looked as though it had been deserted for decades; now where was Sasha?
A creaking sound made me jump and I bac ked towards the entrance as the door directly opposite me began to slowly swing open.
A medium-sized and intimidating-looking woman shut the door behind her. She had long black hair running back down her shoulders and intense, dark emerald eyes.
She was hot.
She was also wearing nothing but black lace panties, holding a whip in her left hand and a shot of whiskey in her right.
We stared at each other for what seemed like hours before she tossed back the shot and crushed the glass with her hand. She spoke.
“Who the fuck are you?”

  1. axajane says:

    I love it ❤
    Th ending is perfect ^_^

    I wish I had sharp canine teeth that came with puberty…

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