The Name’s Sasha, Honey

Posted: December 3, 2007 in Brawl, Dark, Fiction, Sci-Fi

Chapter 19

Now this crazy shit was starts to make a twisted sort of sense. With the Muse of Nightmares sitting right in front of me, I guess he’s fashioned this “vision”, for lack of a better term, to screw with me.
“You…” I finally choke out a whispered word as the collar tightens even more around my neck. Now I can’t even draw air through my nose.
Miur jumps on the table, dancing and kicking with glee. He whips off his hat and claws at the air with raggedly cut fingernails, cackling.
He essentially goes nuts.
As I flap my mouth like a fish being gutted while still alive, he giggles and snorts and finally whips off his ridiculous hat, chewing it around hysterical laughter.
He produces a lighter from his coat pocket and subsequently lights the hat on fire, negligently tossing it to the side.
At that point he decided to sit down.
“The suit’s not really working out for you, is it?”
What the fuck was wrong with him?
“Sorry about that!”
Suddenly the suit is gone and I can breathe.
One problem, however, is that I’m naked.
“Hey!” I cry out, scrambling behind a chair.
“That’s better.” Through the slats of the chair I see Miur drinking his tea again. He reaches into his pocket again, this time retrieving a large, black pocket watch. He glances over at me hiding myself behind the chair.
“Unfortunately, Mr. Drake, our time is up. If you will kindly excuse me, I’ll see you next week.”
Drake was my last name. How could he know that?
“How do you know who I am?”
“At the tone, the time will be six fourteen and fifty-nine seconds.”
The noise is huge and nearly blows out my eardrums. Half of the tea table ignites, bursting into flame. Miur disappears as what can only be described as a black portal splits the air open ten feet in front of me.
A massive panther erupts from the portal and lands on the remains of the tea table, knifelike claws gouging holes in the fragile wood.
The fragile structure collapses in an instant and I am now very nearly nose to nose with a probably very pissed-off jungle cat.
The panther turns to face me, calmly graceful and powerful in its expression. It regards me with disinterest and, weirdly enough, disdain.
But hey, I guess in a world where I’m invincible I can deal with a cat that can convey emotion.
One other thing bothering me is the color of the animal’s fur, which I originally took to be black. Now, face to face with it, I see its coloring is a deep, deep purple, almost too dark to be distinguishable.
The panther sniffs and turns its head back to the portal. I follow its gaze, noting that the gateway is actually the exact shade of the fur on the panther.
The portal glows and darkens to a true black, inky and almost malleable in substance. It pulses and a woman steps out.
Even confused and scared shitless by the events unfolding around me, I could still appreciate a beautiful woman.
Long, straight black hair tumbles just past her shoulders, framing a thin face with thinner eyebrows and stunning, dark green eyes set in an expanse of pale olive skin.
In layman’s terms, she was a babe.
Regardless of her looks, the outfit she wears is simple: jeans and a tank top, but the weaponry draped about her lends a dangerous air to her otherwise attractive image.
Holstered onto her belt are two pistols and an ammo belt filled with smaller versions of Cat’s steel crossbow bolts is slung across her chest. She also happens to be holding a large, slightly curved knife.
“Hey!” She glances at our surroundings quickly. “Miur gone?”
I can only manage a nod as I shakily stand.
The woman stares at me in a way that I can’t discern.
“Ain’t it cold…?”
I was still naked. Damn it.
I cover myself and force a smile.
“Don’t worry,” she says, putting me at ease with a warm look, “it’s just a damn nightmare. Now come on, Cat needs us.”
“OK…” She turns her attention to the portal before I can ask, “Who–”
“That’s Malakai, sugar.” She gestures at the purple panther seconds before it jumps into the gateway. “Good friend of mine.”
“I meant you.”
“Ah.” The woman smiles and cups my cheek with her hand. “The name’s Sasha, honey.” Her other hand slips into mine and we fall into the portal.

  1. larkie says:

    it’s good. I like it. it’s got lots of concrete images and stuff, which just uhh is good. i’m tired i’m sorry but I like the panther and I like the Miur crazy guy.

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