Coffee Shop

Posted: January 18, 2008 in City, Dark, Genocide, Horror, Jew, Nazi, Ugly, Urban, War, WWII

The coffee shop sits in a foggy haze of memories, the one section of a rain-slicked city remembered. Shielded from the cold and the dark, the chocolate center of an asphalt truffle, the heat stays steady as the conversations flow.
Fear is a constant and a variable at the same time, the odor of roasted coffee beans rises to meet tentative nostrils; it stops suddenly, the virus of the exterior leeching into the warm shop as soldiers storm the entrance. The flames of rebellion, so carefully shielded and fanned, are quashed with a rapid movement as soon as the evil resisted confronts those cowering from death incarnate as it moves to them.
The threat of discovery brings a heart-stopping feeling, a shock as swift and unchanging as a fast river.
This, the opposite of orgasm as it courses through with an electric pulse and a prickling of hairs, this heightening of senses as blood rushes to your brain in the frantic search for an escape route, any escape route.
Yet you’re trapped in an attic above a coffee shop as soldiers burst in with bayonets raised high and ready to harm you and your family.
You’ve been hunted, tracked and finally captured in a twisted victory for an equally twisted cause. Gunfire will follow you, echoing the deaths of your generation and the cries of war as injustice is committed.
And so the Nazis raise another swastika over a derelict ghetto.

  1. larkie says:

    I adore the way this is vague in the beginning, just a series of images that are hard to see the connection between [and very vivid, well-crafted ones they are, by the way]. and then in the end it all comes together and becomes clear. great job!

  2. goodnightcat says:

    This is deeper than you’d expect from such an excerpt. I agree with the vagueness of this piece and how it just makes it that more powerful in the end. Great stuff Luke.

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