Beyond The Tents

Posted: January 19, 2008 in Brawl, Dark, Fiction, Sci-Fi

Chapter 23

“We’ll be moving you from the tent tonight, Lucas. Space is needed for the influx of Brawlers into sanctuary, and you’ll be staying inside the actual city.” Kylie smiles nervously at me, her red eyes gleaming briefly from the last vestiges of twilight as the sun dips below the horizon.
“I didn’t think there was anything else.”
Sol barks out a short laugh. “We’re not primitives, Lucas. The tents are temporary solutions to the housing issue for those displaced by Officer attacks.”
“Are they all the same as mine was? The adaptive part, I mean.”
“No,” Cat says quietly, “those were reserved for Fallers or Saints on traveling long distances. With so many Brawler refugees crowding the tents as it is, they now have first priority for all dwellings.”
“Soon we’ll have to start carting them into the city proper,” mutters Sasha irritatedly, “and soon they’ll be rooming with me.”
“So?” retorts Sol. “You’ve got enough room there for several thriving sex parties to fit comfortably on the bed alone. Why shouldn’t you take advantage of the extra space and save some lives?”
“Oh, fuck you.”
“Lucas–” Cat’s hand grips my shoulder and I turn to meet his eyes. “–you’ll be staying with Zariah tonight. Tomorrow you’ll have to get a job in order to earn your keep and stay here. Unless, of course, you’d like to leave–”
“No, no. It’s fine. Might as well settle down.”
“Zar’s got hella nice food at her pad, bro,” pipes up Diana. “She’s a fuckin’ genius in the kitchen. You won’t be going hungry.” Her Bay Area slang feels at odds with our current situation and surroundings.
Zariah blushes. “I learned from the best!” She glances over at Sasha, who grins wickedly.
“I make a bitchin’ lasagna. You’ll see one night.”
“Is he going to be ok?” I gesture at Squire dangling limply over Adam’s shoulders.
“Oh, he’s been through worse, trust me. He’s just a whiny little BITCH.”
Squire’s muffled voice comes around to meet our conversation. “Go to hell, ya goddamned whore.”
By this time the immense forest of tents has begun to thin. Just beyond a few of the larger ones I can make out the crooked horizon of a sprawling city.
Beside me, Zariah sighs with contentment. She wraps an affectionate arm around me and beams brightly.
“Welcome home, Lucas.”

  1. larkie says:

    several thriving sex parties? lolololol.
    it was nice to have some dialogue.
    good job!

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