Brawl Groups

Posted: January 21, 2008 in Brawl, Dark, Fiction, Sci-Fi

I’ve decided to write this little explanation of the way the Saints are divided in Brawl:
I. SAINTS- The military-run government of the world and Da Vinci’s standing forces. Every citizen residing inside the city’s walls, apart from refugees, is conscripted into the armed forces. Each citizen is assigned a job as according to the three main groups under the Saints, with actual professions under these three groups. Solomon Murphy (Sol) holds command over this group.
A. DREAMERS- This group is controlled by the Muse of Dreams, Cat. They focus primarily on the creative side of Da Vinci, employing artists, engineers, and teachers. Their symbol is the crescent moon.
1. Teachers function in two ways: as disciples under Cat, attempting to focus and duplicate Cat’s dream energy, and as educators to the younger citizens of Da Vinci. Cat is primarily a teacher. The Scolarium is where they make their home.
2. Artists create pieces for public display and private sale in the Atrium. Diana Aubergine is a master painter.
3. Engineers construct weaponry and machines for public or military use in Zariah’s workshops.
B. HAWKS- Hawks are presided over by Sasha Malakai. They provide public services that encompass entertainers, merchants, and builders. The Hawks are represented by the symbol of a bird of prey.
1. Entertainers vary from musicians to comedians to consorts in their goal to relax and entertain their customers. They reside in the Grove. Sasha herself is an entertainer.
2. Merchants buy supplies from Cat’s dreaming and sell them to the public. They peddle their wares in the Marketplace.
3. Builders construct housing and other structures at a modest price. They live and work out of Arch Hall.
C. FREERUNNERS- The Freerunners were formed most recently by David Squire. The guild is composed of couriers, cooks, and healers. Their symbol is a caduceus. Freerunners all have an uncanny knack for parkour, or urban exploration, that has given them a robust knowledge of Da Vinci.
1. Cooks are responsible for the food of Da Vinci. A cook’s jobs range from farming to cooking in restaurants to waiting on tables. Cooks can be found in any restaurant throughout the city. They harvest food from the Greenhouses.
2. Healers are responsible for medical problems throughout the city. Though many small clinics are found in Da Vinci, Ptolemy Hospital is their main workplace. Kylie Hagen works as a healer.
3. Couriers are the messengers of the city. On foot or on small, quick motorcycles, couriers are encouraged to take any route possible to make deliveries on time. On occasion they are employed as a taxi service, though their primary fixture is the delivery of mail or notes. David Squire is employed as a courier. One can find them at any courier fixture throughout the city.

  1. larkie says:

    hey sorry for missing your IM.
    anyway- this is actually really interesting, I love seeing how alternate universes are constructed, and this seems to be a really creative way. it’s cool to see a fantasy story that’s not lame and girly. this one’s all kick-ass and PEOPLE DIE GODDAMMIT.

    yeah good job luko.

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