Posted: April 9, 2008 in Brawl, Dark, Fiction, Sci-Fi

Did I hear her correctly? Because Cat dreams, they have everything from weird liquid metal to extremely powerful crossbows? Because of dreams?
“I know it’s hard to believe…but we owe a lot to Cat.”
“No shit!”
“There’s a problem, though.”
“How could there be a problem? You’ve got a factory with unlimited construction capacity! You guys could destroy the Officers in a heartbeat! Why are you letting them kill the Brawlers?”
“Because Cat can’t have any original dreams.”
I pause. “What?”
“He can only make something that people describe to him in detail or draw him a picture. For things like resources it was fairly simple with the help of a detailed periodic table. We were given all the metals we’d need, building supplies, food…basic things.
“For my projects, I determine the supplies I’ll need, receive them from Cat, then construct them on my own in the Workshops. Cat can’t just form weapons or other objects in his head and have them come out fully constructed. If you want something made you need to either make it yourself with Cat’s resources or pay a mechanic or another specialist to make it for you.”
“So it’s not perfect.”
“Nope. But it’s damned close.” Zariah gives me an easy grin and flops down on the couch, stretching out like a sleepy cat. The loose shirt that she wears lifts up a few inches, exposing a silken stomach. She yawns, gazing at me with soft eyes.
“God, I’m so tired! Today was exhausting.”
I suddenly realize that my eyelids are drooping, and there’s a weariness extending through me. Looking down at Zariah, my breath is taken away.
She’s beautiful.
She blinks, and those cool cobalt eyes flare at me, as if unearthing a hidden spark that I didn’t know about. I’m dumbstruck by how gorgeous she looks, sprawled on the couch like a lazy supermodel, eyes glowing with desire…
“I’m going to take a nap if you don’t mind. I’m pretty sleepy.”
“Yeah, me too.” A yawn catches me off-guard and a delicious warmth starts to creep through me.
Zariah giggles, watching me with what almost seems like a great fondness.
Almost. There’s something else there.
“You’re cute. How old are you, Lucas?”
“Twenty-five. How about you?”
“Twenty-seven…so how about that nap?”
“Oh, ok. Um…am I crashing on the couch?”
Zariah grins mischievously. “No, there’s a room. Here, follow me,” she says as she jumps up and starts down the hall. I try to mask my disappointment as I trail after her; I liked seeing her like that on the couch.
The hallway is clearly lit by several multicolored lamps that remind me of stained glass windows despite their abstract design. They throw soft shades of light onto the walls, making everything look smooth and sweet.
Zariah grins back at me, her face a pretty patchwork of pastel colors. The blue eyes still stand out amidst the other tones, inviting me closer to her.
For a moment, I ponder the possibility of Cat simply torturing me in a dreamworld, teasing me with this tantalizing woman.
Then she grabs me by the collar and pulls me close. Her eyes burn into mine with an achingly sweet intensity, the pale eyes turned almost black with the longing apparent in them.
Our lips touch with the certainty of two puzzle pieces locking perfectly together, filling me with such beautiful tenderness as she presses into me. We melt into each other, arms enfolding each other into bliss.
I stop, release her from my arms.
“What’s wrong?” Her eyes are suddenly filled with concern.
I look away, then back towards her. “Are you really okay with this? I don’t want to push you.”
Her hard stare contains no guile or misconceptions as she pulls me back into a kiss.
Well then. Enough said.
Her arms slip beneath my shirt, hands spreading across my stomach to my back. She clutches onto me, fingernails digging into my back as I move to her neck, gently sinking my teeth into the soft skin I find there. I hear an audible moan that sends a shiver through my body.
I haven’t gotten laid in a long time.
I wonder if this’ll just complicate things, if I’m getting off to a bad start. It’s naturally too late to think about it; I’m already slipping my hand into her pants, finding a slick crease flowing with lust. I push two fingers into her with ease, stroking upwards. I feel her clench around me, her hands gripping my sides as her body is wracked with a shuddering twist. Her mouth opens in surprise as I kiss her again; she pulls me down the hallway, still kissing me, and pushes open the door we find at the end.
I see a double bed, a hungry face in the dim light, and my fingers as I slowly pull the bandanna off of her head. The short pixie hair flares out in a pink glow.
She walks towards the bed, pulling off her shirt.

  1. kayla says:

    i cannot stop picturing the girl from joe’s corner store in this. everytime i look at her now i’m gonna starting laughing and turning red. WTF HAVE YOU DONE

    but other than that, this was pretty cool sexytiems and all that shit, as far as sexytiems go it was quite poetic and tasteful and etc. etc. A+++ WOULD BUY AGAIN. [lol ebay.]

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