In Memory of Craig Wix Johnson

Posted: May 1, 2008 in Imagery, Life, Non-Fiction, Poetry

There was always a friendly aura about him
His goodwill would rush the senses like
The comforting scent of fresh brownies
Such intelligence and kind words directed to all
Truly, a prince in our lives
He was always welcome at our door
Bearing good tidings and wide grins for all
He never failed to lift my spirits
Nothing could drag him down
From the perpetually positive attitude
That was with him at all times
An electric dynamo must have powered him
Keeping him full to the brim with a shimmering light
A blaze of benevolence, his shining gift
Each day was his best
Each happy day, you could tell how good he felt
You saw it easily in his face
And it would move to you
A transfusion of compassion
A deep measure of care spread liberally to all
To the friends he had
To the family he cared for
To all.
I sing this requiem with pen and paper
In honor of a great man
And I know that he can never truly leave us
For nothing could ever stop the warmth
That Craig Johnson gave
To us all.

  1. James L. Kahn says:

    Craig was my gym work-out partner for 2 years in high school. He was a good friend in high school. What happened?

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