Nature Lays to Rest

Posted: May 2, 2008 in Uncategorized

Feel a throbbing hum, a swirling and pulsating sound
The feeling of a wild spirit plucking feverishly at a chipped bass guitar
The spirit ups the tempo and quickens his fingers,
Sending a stream of autumn leaves through the spring heartland
Now Nature combines its seasons as it works on a grooving melody
Shooting pulses of uninhibited music into a necrotic Earth
Revitalizing and reenergizing and reeducating those who have killed
And killed and killed again until there is nothing left on the chopping block
To sever or strangle or stab
And Nature naturally nurtures a healing song for the masses
An anesthetic for the apocalyptic and authentic surgery that is to come
The amputation of annihilation and subjugation and suffocation
Of those so unfortunate to think slash look slash feel differently
Than what they are supposed to be, and
Nature shakes a wild head of raindrops
Threaded through with thick green vines
And she drops a webbed and earthy old hand
To sound the beginning of change
To feel and fight and forgive a planet strayed off of a path
That soon threatens to topple and crumble and disintegrate before our eyes
And Nature, the wild bass-playing spirit, plays the last string,
And stands stock-still as
Change reverberates towards a blue and green and white jewel.
Then Nature drops its healing instrument and
Lays itself to rest.


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