Posted: May 10, 2008 in Beauty, Dark, Electric, Fiction, Imagery, Life, Musings, Poetry, Snippet

The streets are a finely tangled web of circuitry,
Sparks flitting lazily through the frayed wires,
Tiny, whirring gizmos spin rapidly through
An electric green cityscape,
A technological marvel comprised of metal
And plastic and hope and solitude.
The world is quiet here
Amidst a haven of esoteric souls
That work towards a future that has no meaning.
Their true intentions are obscured by silicon
And semi-conducting wafers that transmit information
In zeroes and ones and ticker tape and paper clips.
Circuits crisscross and analyze what blocks their way;
A misplaced nine-volt battery
A drop of water
A soldier’s gun
A metaphor gone bad.
They wind in and out of each other
Feeding everything with the same information
The same headlines
The same TV shows
The same old wars
The same old whores.
And nothing can compute
What really
Happens now.


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