Posted: May 18, 2008 in Beauty, City, Culture, Dark, Drama, Imagery, Life, Love, Musings, Snippet, Urban

City-slick girls with straps slipping off their shoulders and dreams hovering around golden curls and straight blue-black hair tumble through life and the highs and hangovers accompanying it. The angels wander drunkenly, yet not without charm. Ethereal beauty surrounds them like a haze of luminescent smoke descending upon unsuspecting prospectors looking to market this immutable strain of elegance and charm that is about to overwhelm them.
This strange and spiky group, these diamonds in the rough, these unforeseeable and unchangeably radical elements are bucking a system of propriety and good will and long skirts. These are the tight jeans that will burn Washington D.C. to the ground, the casually tossed scarfs that will occupy Berlin, the low-cut top that will topple the fascists and restore peace to the free world. They wander with pursed lips and long-fingered hands that dance along the necks of guitars like pixies. Full of grace and mescaline, they stumble through love and lust and all that’s in between, a mixed storm created from G chords and sushi and red wine.
As women, they draw pistols loaded with regret and empty lipstick tubes, brandishing them at drummers and manufacturing a gunpoint tempo, a forced march of hi-hats and snares and unfeeling bass and crashing cymbals. Lead vocalists scream with desperation and unforgivable greed at the sight of such angels, at the sight of such angry women in high heels and low self-esteem. The blue and green and soft chocolate brown lights flickering in their eyes will dim and fade into dirty and shallow imitations of themselves. They will open themselves up, they will atone for the terrible and wonderful beauty they have brought upon the world.
They will open their eyes, and they will save the world.

  1. kalaylalalala says:

    kay, I already told you I like this, but here it is again. I like this. it’s quite nice. it’s all lofty and lush and shit. yay

  2. TQuack says:

    Luke, you have, yet again, astounded me. This has an uncanny ability to conjure deliciously vividly abstract images in my mind. Some interesting thoughts here which makes me think: are the styles, habits, presences, etc are conformity to social norms or a revolution which can “save the world”? Very interesting.

  3. TQuack says:

    eh, just goes to show how pathetic my grammar can be after 11 at night =D I meant to say, “are the styles, habits, presences etc that you deal with in this piece conformity….” Sorry.

  4. kayla says:

    hey i felt like coming back and pointing out that this is the best thing you’ve ever written. it’s sort of goddamn brilliant, luko. yeah.

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