Posted: July 1, 2008 in Brawl, Dark, Fiction

Chapter 29

“What the hell are you doing here?” I’m so confused, I can’t even begin to tell what’s going on. The female Saint looks distressed.
“There’s a fucking riot in Low Residential! Diana and Adam said they were right at the heart of it when they called me. They told me to check on you. I don’t know why.” Sasha looks worried in the low lighting of the alley.
“Well, as you can see-” I gesture back to the ragged hole in the wall of the bar and the destruction inside. “-we had a visitor.”
Sasha stalks away from her bike and into the bar, returning with the cloaked intruder trailing behind her. She flips him onto his back and starts to rip off his shirt.
“You could at least buy him dinner first,” I joke. No one laughs. Sasha finally rips the right sleeve of his shirt
Framed by the torn edges of the man’s shirt is a tattoo of a power symbol, the kind you normally see with power buttons on electric devices. Sasha’s look of worry has increased twofold.
She turns and looks at me.
“This man is a Demon. A mercenary. This…confirms Diana’s report.”
Rachelle speaks for the first time since Sasha arrived. “What report?”
The dark-haired woman glares at the musician. “Jesus, Rache. Couldn’t even manage to put a bra on this morning?”
“Who cares about that?” I interrupt. “What’s going on, Sasha?”
A sigh escapes her lips as she stands. “The Demons have gone rogue. They riled up the Brawlers with a speech about their dying brethren and how Sol’s not doing anything about it, which is bullshit. Regardless, Low Residential is going up in flames. But now-” she gazes back at the prone body of the Demon before her “-it seems that there are larger problems.”
“He held his gun on me. I don’t know how he could’ve known me, but I seemed to be the target. And Entwhistle Rend-”
“What?!” Sasha hisses at me. I can almost hear alarm bells going off in her head at the mention of the Demon leader’s name. “Rend was here?!”
“Yeah, he met with the Irish guy. Devlin. Rend looked like he was going to say something to us before Devlin came in.”
“So you’re a threat to the Demons…that’s strange.” She purses her lips and stares at me. “In any event, we need to get you to safety. Rache, tell Meph to close up early. Tell him to get people home quick and to take transport if they can.”
“Okay, Sash.”
“And put a fucking bra on!” she calls at the girl as she disappears into the bar.
“You’re not wearing a bra,” I point out.
“Yeah, well, Diana called me in the middle of sex, so at least I have an excuse.”
Her forthrightness startles me, and she leans down to snap handcuffs onto the unconscious mercenary.
“Get on the bike,” she commands. I comply and jump on behind her. She starts the engine and I can feel the power of the small vehicle thrum beneath me.
“Where are we going?” I ask.
“Low Residential.”
Sasha slips her helmet on, passes me an extra one, and hits the gas.


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