Keeping the Crowd Interested

Posted: July 1, 2008 in Brawl, Dark, Fiction, Sci-Fi

Chapter 28

The bar door leads out into a back alley glowing with a fast fading sunset. I’m a little annoyed that a certain prospective bar fight isn’t taking place here, but it can’t be helped. Looks like I go where these guys go for a while.
I glance at Diana and Adam.
For some reason, they’re holding their bolt guns.
“Shut up.” Keeping one hand steady on her weapon, Diana brushes hair away from her ear to reveal a communicator. She taps a faintly glowing button set into it.
“Cat, come in…Cat?”
I hear a rush of static and a muffled voice. “Copy, Diana. What is it?” He sounds like he’s just awakened from a nap.
“Cat, Devlin Callahan and Entwhistle Rend were just seen together in Mephisto’s. Should we track them?”
That gets Cat’s attention. He sounds wide awake. “What happened?”
“Rend was having a drink when Callahan came into the bar and called on him. Devlin looked hella tired and Ent was pissed.”
A pause. “Follow them, Diana. We don’t need an uprising. Be cautious.”
“Copy that.” She taps the button again, raises her weapon and nods to Adam. For the first time, I notice a device shaped like a watch strapped to Adam’s wrist. He speaks into it clearly. “Locate Entwhistle Rend.”
“No matches.”
“Oh, shit…” Diana breathes, staring at Adam.
“Calm down. Locate Devlin Callahan.”
A moment passes.
“Devlin Callahan moving from Market section to High Residential. He is moving in a northwest direction towards Low Residential. He is primarily moving through alleyways on ground level.”
“Great.” Diana turns to me. “Go back to Zariah’s place. You’ll only slow us down.”
“No! Get the fuck out of here. If you don’t want to go back to her house yet, then just stay out of Low Residential, whatever you do.”
“But what’s happening?”
“Think about it!” She’s seething. I’ve never seen the diminutive Saint so pissed off. “The man who decked our leader yesterday over a disagreement is meeting with a killer! That’s cause for some fucking alarm! Stay in the bar. Wait until Rachelle is off of her shift. She’ll take care of you.”
With that, the two charge down the alley.
Jesus Christ. Things were happening too fast. I push the bar door open and stumble back inside. I walk quickly up to the bartender.
“Whas’ wrong, boy?” He looks worried.
“Look, um…is there any way that Rachelle can get off early? There’s a problem with a-”
He waves a hand at me and frowns. “Some people ‘aff ter work, laddie. You’ll have ter wait.”
Behind me, I hear an explosion. I whip around quickly enough to see the door being blasted off of its hinges before it crushes into my face.
I grip the twisted hunk of metal in a bear hug, and the impact shatters the bar behind me. However, it stops dead in its destructive tracks, and I heave the former projectile to the side. I glance at the bartender. There’s a cut on his face, but aside from looking scared shitless, he’s fine.
Stepping through the doorway is a tall, menacing figure, obscured by swirling dust and debris. It moves forward, and I see a man holding a bolt rifle on me. His face is covered with a balaclava, and he wears a tank top and jeans. He glares at me through dark goggles and slowly advances.
So I do what I always do.
I leap forward and punch him in the face.
I don’t think he expected it.
I hit him again, feel a satisfying crunch as his nose breaks. I grab his gun and toss it to the side, then smash my elbow into the side of his head. He’s past the point of dazed as he drops to the floor.
I’m breathing heavily, like I’ve just run a few miles non-stop.
I hear the bartender’s voice behind me.
“Punch ‘im again. Tha’ was a bran’-new door.”
I laugh. I turn around and see that the band has stopped playing. The dancers aren’t moving. Everyone’s staring at me in shock…and horror?
I gaze down at my fists to see them soaked with the blood that seeped through the rag around his face.
I don’t think I’ve ever beaten someone so badly in front of an audience.
The bartender calls out. “Rachelle, I think this young man needs you.”
The pretty bass player hands her instrument to a dancer and rushes over to me.
“What the fuck is happening?” She looks part scared and part pissed.
But truth be told, I had no idea what was going on.
I pull her out into the alley and quickly fill her in on the sight of Devlin and Ent in the bar and the sudden departure of Adam and Diana.
“Oh shit…” is all that comes out of her mouth when suddenly I hear a rumbling coming down the alley. I turn, and a bright light blinds me.
I blink. I see a motorcycle, a speedy, streamlined racing bike.
The light is blocked by the tall silhouette of a woman, long hair streaming with the wind about her face.
It’s Sasha.

  1. kayla says:

    “Devlin looked hella tired” haha hell yes, norcal slang!

    “Wait until Rachelle is off of her shift. She’ll take care of you.” what, like winkwinknudgenudge sexystyle caring?

    yay fighting let me guess lucas looked just like edward norton or something in this chapter! FUCK YES FIGHT CLUB FUCK YES PALANHIUK WHATEVER~

    I don’t know, I like this? fighting always makes me weird. it sort of pisses me off AND excites me that it’s happening!

    lmao oh god i’m going to sleep now

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