Through The Flames

Posted: July 11, 2008 in Brawl, Dark, Fiction, Sci-Fi

Chapter 30

“So how was your first night here?” Sasha calls back to me over the rushing wind and the howling motor of her bike as we speed through the Grove. Her strong voice is hard to hear over the surrounding noise.
“Um…” I hesitate. “It was all right, I guess.” I decided not to mention last night’s events at all. Didn’t want to start something this early, after all. “Zariah’s a good person.”
“That all?” I can hear the smile in Sasha’s voice. “Usually, guys can’t stop talking about how ‘good’ Zar is.”
“Uh, I…we didn’t-” I can’t believe it. She knows. Am I that transparent?
She turns slightly and meets my uncertain eye.
“Don’t tell her I said this, but Zar’s kind of a nympho.”
“Oh. Great.”
Sasha turns to face the path in front of us again; people step back as we pulse past them. I suddenly notice that they’re all moving in the opposite direction that we are. “You don’t sound surprised.”
I blink before I answer her. “She called me by the wrong name twice…it was kind of-”
I see a brick wall dead ahead that stops my complaint, and Sasha turns sharply, leaning on the handbrake as we rapidly veer left.
“-obvious that she screwed around!” I finish in the wake of the long skid mark behind us. We gain speed again as we whip through a tightly curved alleyway.
“Well, Zar usually likes to welcome new people like that. I bet she was happy to see you.”
“Why do you say that?”
“Hasn’t been a Faller arrive for a while. Zariah gets bored with people pretty quickly. Ergo, you were probably at the top of her ‘to-do’ list. No pun intended.”
Just another notch in the belt of a conquering woman. Now I know how to correctly interpret the phrase “Wham, bam, thank you ma’am.”
Even amid the air swirling past us and the speed of the motorbike, I can feel Sasha’s body tense in front of me. I glance around her.
Looming up before us is a barrier composed of what looks to be scraps; jutting pieces of metal and wood completely block the road. Behind it, a dark obelisk of smoke can be seen rising to meet the sky.
I notice a faded sign to the left of the wreckage. Low Residential.
“Shit!” Sasha gets off the bike and takes her helmet off, cradling it in her arms. “This is bad, Lucas.”
She keeps her eyes focused on the destruction ahead as she addresses me.
“We can’t keep going on the bike.”
“No shit.” I whip off my helmet and set it on the bike.
“Listen,” She turns to me, and I can see fear boiling deep in her eyes. “I need to progress on foot; look for Diana and Adam. You’re only going to slow me down.”
I snort. “Right.”
She places her helmet back on the motorcycle and moves her hands to her forehead. “Look, just fucking do what I say! I don’t care how much of a badass you think you are! I need to move fast and hard; I’ll be free running, and there’s no way you could-”
I sprint down the road and fling myself onto the makeshift barricade, gripping the fragments of metal and wood like handholds. I quickly pull myself up and over to meet the road below with a quick roll. Glancing behind me, I can see the dark-haired Saint follow me with equally graceful movements.
“Just fucking move” was her response to my wide grin. We jog forward along the road, eyes and ears wide for any approaching rioters. This is an avenue of former homes; they’re gutted by roaring flames. Fortunately for us, the street is wide, and the billowing smoke doesn’t hinder our progress.
“There.” Sasha stops and points. “That split. I want you to take the right pathway. Also-” She digs into her pocket. “Take this.”
Lying in her hand is a small communicator, the same thing that Diana had used in order to search for Devlin and make contact with Cat. I pick it up. The tiny sun and moon symbol glints at me with the flickering light of the surrounding flames.
“Just say the name of the person you want to contact, and you’ll be connected immediately.” She smiles, but the smile fades after a moment.
“Look, I’m-” She meets me with a square, guileless gaze. “I’m glad you came.”
She sounds vulnerable, which is strange with this girl. Nothing seems to bother her, so why would this…
“I mean, we can cover more ground this way. Be more efficient.” Her eyes have hardened, the cracks in her armor are sealing themselves up quick as can be.
I grin. “Right. Admit, you wanted my gorgeous body along for the ride.”
She rolls her eyes and smiles, turning away from me and jogging towards the left half of the split. Tossing a look behind her, she yells “Prick!”
Ah, the honeyed words of women. Will they never cease to make me smile?

  1. One Penny Profiles says:

    Nice work. Good dialogue.

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