A Short Observance

Posted: September 23, 2008 in Culture, Dark, Death, Imagery, Insomnia, Life, Musings, Snippet, Thoughts, Ugly

I can see dust and feel the ash filtering through my system, crumbly gray flakes that coat the inside of my throat like so many tiles. Every breath is contaminated, every step I take brings me closer to collapse, yet I push on. Full of the fear that clings to every mote of dust in my mouth, I know that if I falter once I will not be moving on.

My life has gone by in stages of death and birth, nothing more. The struggle to survive is implicitly linked to every relationship I cultivate, every animal I befriend, every daisy that I crush beneath my heel.

The ash that crowds my lungs is merely a symptom of a larger affliction, one that we receive at birth: life. The ash is no more an enemy than are my fingernails and hair as they persist to grow. It is a constant of life, one that I knew was to come and one that I know is here to stay.


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