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Posted: September 28, 2008 in Three Days

Three Days Part 5
Eyes dark and hungry as he watches me in the half-light of the hallway, lips tilting up in a smile and dimpling his cheeks, he swoops in close for another kiss and holds me tight to him, my back pressing against the wall as a hungry mouth travels seductively down my neck. I grin back at him and breathe in, catching the night’s scent of beer and sweat and perfume as I turn to the door and look for my key.
His hands trail around and encircle my waist and he kisses the back of my head lightly. His wandering grasp slips down and into my jeans, caressing my hipbones. The soft, promising touches are making it hard not to turn around and focus on making him melt, but I stay searching through my purse until my fingers close around the little bronze key.
I turn back and kiss him deeply, almost shocking him with the message he knows is being conveyed as I move back and stare into his eyes. I twist my hand behind me and fit the key into the lock.
We’re moving passionately, fitting together easily, like we were meant for each other, like we could go on forever locked together. I push the door open behind me and feel him stiffen and pull away from my mouth. Startled, I turn to see what he’s looking at.
Oh, fuck. Ellen’s staring at us wide-eyed, sitting on the couch, watching the news. It’s on mute for some reason; that’s why I didn’t hear it.
I manage to extricate myself from Mark’s embarrassed arms and force a smile at my surprised roommate. She’s usually out so late that I didn’t think she would be home this early.
“Um, I should, uh, go,” Mark stumbles over his words awkwardly; understandable, since our original plan of fucking all over my apartment has been foiled by my unsuspecting roommate. He gives me a quick peck on the cheek and stumbles out of the door. I sigh.
“Shit, Kate, I’m sorry, I had no idea.” Poor Ellen looks really worried, a slight flush creeping onto her face. I shake my head and offer a tired smile.
“Don’t worry, Elle, just don’t make it into a habit,” I caution her with a lopsided smile.
I stumble over to the fridge, opening the door.
“What the fuck? Where’s the milk?” I always have a glass before I go to bed, unless I’m having sex or I’m too shitfaced to walk. Weird thing, I guess, but I like routine.
“Oh,” Ellen says, looking flustered. “It, um, it was sour.”
“I thought you were going shopping.”
“I…I was…I ran into someone that I hadn’t seen for a while and I, um, forgot.”
“Watch out, Ellen,” I say dryly. “Your blonde roots are showing.” I know I’m being mean, but I’m tired and frustrated and lacking Mark at the moment.
“Thanks…” She doesn’t look so good. I mean, she always stays out pretty late, which is why I hadn’t expected her here now. But she looks worse than usual. Not to be a bitch or anything, but her eyes are drooping with weariness and she’s not wearing make-up. She looks sad.
“Um, are you okay?” I say, displaying the required show of concern from one roommate to the other.
“Yeah, I just…there’s lots of things going on in my mind.”
“Like what?” I grab a glass and start filling it with water. “Talk to me, roomie.” It’s not like I’ve got anything better to do than listen to a sob story.
“Well, next week…I mean, you’re still thinking of staying, right?”
I roll my eyes. “Why are you still worried about this stupid anniversary? It’s not going to happen again. No reason for me to leave anyway.”
“And you’re a hypocrite. Aren’t you staying, too?” I plop down on the couch next to her, taking a sip of water.
“Well, yeah, but…I need to stay. It’s going to be dangerous for you, though. You really should go.”
Poor thing. She does look worried…but I’m not superstitious. No phantom memory is going to drive me out of the city. No, I’m going to be smiling and shopping and strolling down boulevards with big bags of my consumer identity in hand while the sun beams down at me.
“I think I can stave off the lions and tigers and bears for three days.” I toss a smile her way and stand up from the couch. I lean against the sink as I rinse out my glass and put it in the rack.
“How about a spider?” I hear Ellen mumbling.
I turn. “What was that?”
I eye her suspiciously. “You’re pretty weird, roomie. I’m going to sleep now, okay?”
“All…all right. Goodnight.”
“Goodnight.” Turning, I smack into the side of the cupboard, the sharp end of the door jabbing into my head. I clap a hand to my forehead as the sting reverberates into my skull.
“OW! Fuck!”
“What happened?” Ellen’s suddenly behind me, voice concerned and eyes wide. I wave her away, wincing in pain.
“Fuck…I’m fine, just…just hit my head on the cupboard. Guess I’m still a little drunk…ow. fucking hurts…”
“You’re, um, you’re bleeding.”
I draw my hand back, seeing a small amount of blood congealing on my palm. “Shit.”
“You need help, or anything…?”
“I’m fine, I just need some tissues.”
“I could get some–”
“I’m fine, Ellen. I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?” I push past her and head to the bathroom. Whisking some tissues from a box, I go to dab at the wound. Oddly enough, it doesn’t hurt anymore.
I dribble some water on the tissue and wipe away the excess blood. I glance at the mirror.
Yet beneath the blood that had already been gathering on my forehead, there’s completely smooth skin. No mark, no indication of the cupboard’s assault.
“What the fuck…?” I whisper, staring at the mirror in disbelief, my mouth hanging open like a teenager at a strip club.
Yet my eyes aren’t playing tricks. There’s no cut at all. It’s just gone.
After a moment I move away from the mirror and trail off to bed, confused and still a little hazy from the whole evening.
I hope this weirdness isn’t something that’s about to become a hallmark of things to come, what with Ellen’s behavior and that damned anniversary.
I really don’t like change.


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