My Thoughts on Emy Reynolds

Posted: February 15, 2009 in Uncategorized
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There are many people in the world today that can be called true artists, those devoted to their art in a fashion that I myself can hardly imagine. They put their mind and body and soul into their work, and it always works out to inspire countless others.
Emy Reynolds and Piper Denney proved themselves to be absolutely shining examples of such artists last night, when I saw a fantastically enjoyable show of theirs at the Ventura Theater. These two (as well as their accompanying cellist, a woman whose name I unfortunately do not know, and James Denney, who was great on the drums and synthesizer) always emit such a positive energy whenever I see them onstage, almost a glow of creativity. In addition, Emy’s voice is always such a pleasure to hear; her deep, beautiful singing complements the lyrics that she always manages to make profound and new.
I have known Piper and James Denney for quite a few years now; I have seen them become accomplished artists in their own rights, both continually astounding me with the quiet energy that they bring to any stage that they play upon. I love them both very much, and immensely enjoyed seeing them playing with Emy last night.
I first met Emy Reynolds during my time at Nordhoff, a quiet girl that I had always liked simply because of the pleasant energy she could send to someone with just a happy smile. My sophmore year was the first time that I saw her perform, and I can recall my surprise when this pleasant girl transformed into a powerful young woman with an equally powerful voice on the stage, a true testament to her immense talent. Since then, the simply profound effort that she puts into her work has never ceased to amaze me. From Libby Bowl to the Ventura Theatre, it’s always lovely to see her perform.
I want to say thank you to Emy and Piper, because they have proven to me that there are good, creative people still in this world, even coming from such a small place as Ojai. Thank you both, for without you I would not have the courage to put myself out for the world, to take what I have and make something beautiful.

  1. anonymous says:

    The cellists name is Ro Rowan. I agree. They are all awesome!

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