Constitution Rap

Posted: March 3, 2009 in Uncategorized

The Constitution!
Basis for the institution
That we call the USA.
Thinking about it, you may say, hey!
Remembering this should be eas-ay.
How hard can it be?
And I laugh at you, for you just can’t see
How difficult knowing 27 amendments can be.
But this document is the most important thing
To happen to our nation since, well, nothing!
This huge piece of paper defines our rights.
And it’s the product of all those huge fights
With the redcoats! We took ideas from all over, to make this thing rock:
Montesquieu, the Brits, even John Locke!
Our rights are numerous, they cover a lot of ground.
Thank God for that, cause with anything less we’d be drowned
In oppressive government and tyrannical ruling.
The exact same thing we had spent so many years trying
To escape!
Now listen here, I’ll tell you how
Your rights are important; they protect your brow.
We’ve got freedom of speech! The right to say
Whatever you want, from bullshit to hearsay!
Right to bear arms! In case the government
Becomes a dictatorship and goes to shit.
Freedom of the press, freedom of religion!
Freedom of assembly, freedom of petition!
We got right to a speedy court case,
Equal voting rights for all, regardless of race,
Gender, and age.
These rights make sure we’re all on the same page.
So come to AP Gov if you want to learn some more,
Cause learning government is never a bore!


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