How this post came to be conceived

Posted: April 29, 2009 in Uncategorized

One evening, a pen and piece of looseleaf met at a bar. After a wild night of passionate scribblings and paper cuts, the two had an awkward breakfast at the pen’s place and exchanged numbers, more out of a feeling of necessity than any real connection. Anyway, for a couple of weeks the looseleaf waited and waited for a call, but no one called her paper phone. Then the looseleaf missed her period and started panicking, searching desperately for the pen’s number. She finally found it scrawled carelessly across her back, and rushed to phone the pen. To the looseleaf’s dismay, the phone was answered by a pencil that was married to the pen, and the looseleaf hung up quickly. Faced with the prospect of having some terrible pen/paper hybrid to care for, she drove, alone, to the city to get an abortion. The pen should’ve used a cap.

  1. carole cromwell paddock says:

    I am howling. Can you hear me? very clever. Xmadre

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