Some words for Grandpa Les

Posted: June 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

Grandpa Les has always struck me as a scholar, a man dedicated to the quest for knowledge and to the desire to share his knowledge with others. Because of his love of academia, Grandpa Les recently helped with payments for my next year of college, for which I must express eternal gratitude. Knowledge, as well as the opportunity to gain that knowledge, is the greatest gift I have been given, and I am forever in debt to Les for his support of me. Both Les and Grandma Irina have always been there for the family and I, always doing what they can to help us all in life. Though Les has now left us, his legacy is clear before us, and it is immense. We are a strong and intelligent family, and that is thanks to the gifts that Les Cromwell gave us, to the knowledge and the opportunities he has afforded us. So though we are mourning and will continue to mourn, we must also be committed to celebrating the life that was Leslie Cromwell, the rewards of which are standing before us all, inside of us all. Les gave this family the gift of life and knowledge, and for it he will never be forgotten. His spirit will live on in every college graduate that bears our name of Cromwell, from the halls of our Jonathan’s MIT in Boston, Massachusetts, to Les’s own UCLA in Los Angeles, California. The Cromwell family is Grandpa Les’s greatest achievement, and we honor him with all that we have achieved and will go on to do. Thank you for everything, Grandpa Les.


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