Posted: June 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

Do you ever wonder about the meaning behind some band names? If you think about it, there are some pretty damn weird names that musicians come up with. Take Bowling For Soup, for instance. It sounds like a bowling charity event to feed the homeless, who knows what the fuck it actually means? Death Cab for Cutie sounds like the kind of car a taxi driver/serial killer would drive. Modest Mouse? Just a rodent who shops at the Gap. I’ll admit, some names of artists are usually explained by the artist themselves, and sometimes it’s a cool story. Lady Gaga got her name from a friend that tried to text Radio Gaga (a Queen song) to her and ‘radio’ was autocorrected to say lady. Operation Ivy took its name from a US military operation as a form of protest. Sometimes it’s a stupid story, though. In its earliest days, Fall Out Boy got its name from someone who yelled it out at a concert because they hadn’t thought of a fucking name yet. For god’s sake, that’s the first damn thing you do when you make a band, you think of a goddamned name. You spend hours in your garage thinking of names like the Andy Griffith Observatory or Urine-Soaked Pipe Dream or Harold and Maude go to White Castle. And admit it, you see a band with a name like the Portland Feces Collective and you’re fucking intrigued, you’ve got to see a show like that. Why do you think one of the most famous bands in the world is called the Who? Because people heard about them and they started to wonder, “Well who the fuck are the Who?” That’s some intrigue there, when the band you’re seeing doesn’t even know who they are.


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