She says, he says

Posted: October 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

She says: It’s not real.
He says: That’s not the point.
She says: Every time someone walks on screen, you jump.
He says: It’s creepy.
She says: It’s a movie. It’s not even scary.
He says: You were scared of getting the bubonic plague when we were in Europe.
She says: That’s a legitimate fear.
He says: No one gets the plague anymore.
She says: At least it’s something real. He says: Not in this century.
She says: Just forget I said anything. He says: Can we watch something else? She says: It’s Halloween.
He says: I have the Devil Wears Prada from Netflix.
She says: If you think I’m watching Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway discuss fashion on Halloween night, you’re insane.
He says: It’s funny.
She says: We’re sticking with Saw.
He says: It’s always up to you.
She says: That’s not true.
He says: Right now we could be with our friends.
She says: It’s a long drive to Richard’s house.
He says: The party was at Caroline’s, that’s three blocks from here.
She says: Oh.
He says: Who’s Richard?
She says: Richard?
He says: You said it was a long drive to Richard’s house.
She says: You said the party was at Caroline’s house.
He says: Right.
She says: I must have been mistaken. He says: Can we just watch something else?
She says: I don’t even care any more, watch what you want.
He says: Maybe I’ll just go to bed.
She says: Wow, really?
He says: I don’t know if I feel like watching a movie right now.
She says: Fine, I’ll change the fucking movie.
He says: No thanks.
She says: Please stay.
He says: No, I’m tired.
She says: I don’t want to be alone on Halloween night.
He says: Why don’t you go to Richard’s house?


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