Portland, OR

Posted: October 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

Portland, Oregon is the green-cloaked, front-and-center jewel of the entire state. Fuck Eugene. There you will find a smoky marketplace under an overpass selling pieces of art, some comprised entirely of silverware, others out of paperclips. An energy courses through the place like a power plant lit on fire; every face holds a determination, from the Irish pubs lining the main street to the frozen mall that holds a warm center of commerce.
I have never been there in the summertime. It has always been that cold, otherworldly maze of frost and rime, a beautiful crystal stuck squarely against a cave wall. There is a bookstore there that takes up an entire city block, with three floors of writing.
I was there to see colleges, and I did. But I came back to see my town first and foremost, the Portland I had shivered and loved and laughed with for two winters beforehand, the town that wooed me like an errant lover and urged me never to let go even as it pushed me away.


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