Posted: November 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

We were nineteen, not just in age but in spirit, neither jaded nor too naïve to function in our dangerous world, two misfits defined by our time spent alive. The night I invited her to my apartment was not based purely on a lustful gesture; indeed, I genuinely liked her. She was beautiful and wild and interesting, a bright splash of vibrancy across a dull landscape. To her, sex was as natural as breathing or walking upright. She had attracted me from our first class together, the first semester of our first year. I had a girlfriend at the time, but I couldn’t deny that I wanted the siren that beckoned from across the aisle.
Snap forward to next year; we are both single. I catch her eye walking across campus; we both smile, and she greets me with a warm embrace that lasts just longer than can be considered simply friendly. In a few days, she came to my room to watch a movie: my preferred method for seduction, however admittedly simple it may be.
For a while we danced around what I knew we were both thinking; she talked about her last boyfriend and how he had disliked her policy of non-commitment. She was a free spirit, she explained, too young to be tied down to one man or woman. She defined herself as pansexual, another expression of her freedom. I agreed with her method to a degree; I was shunning any form of commitment at the time as well, unable to reveal myself so fully to another person after my heart was broken before. With the ground rules unconsciously set, we settled to watch a movie.
What movie it was isn’t important; by the end of it, we had kissed. Her mouth tasted of cherry-flavored hookah smoke, and I lifted her small frame into my arms; her legs wrapped securely around my back, and she kissed me deeply, punctuating the action by trailing her lips down my neck. I carried her to my bedroom, setting her gently onto the bed.
I can see her blue eyes burning deep into my brown ones; her breathing is short and ragged, her elbows propping herself up on the bed. I rip off her belt, sliding her Daisy Dukes off of her hips so they fall to the ground. Those circles of blue close as I lower my mouth to her stomach, lifting her shirt and kissing up her abdomen until I reach her neck.
“Bite me,” she moans harshly, fingernails digging into the back of my head and in the panicked heat of the moment I open my mouth and sink my teeth into her neck like a predator going for the kill and she screams in a beautiful combination of pain and ecstasy.


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