Please Leave

Posted: November 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

Oh misery, ol friend,
Don’t come here again.
Take your hat from the floor
And your coat from my bed.
I don’t need your kind
Around at this time,
For we are too tired
To commit a crime.
Please get you away
And leave this place.
But please understand;
I enjoyed your stay.
You gave me an excuse
To throw back the booze,
But it’s not working at all.
The pain is still fresh,
And it won’t be any less
With intoxicants in my soul.
You bring me on down
To the damp dirty ground,
Where worms and the dead things lay.
I want to build up
Out of the ground and the muck
Of a terrible state of decay,
I want to be happy again.
So please bring her down to me,
Make sure she is free
From the chains of a cliché,
And from misery.
She doesn’t have to be a goddess,
She just has to love me.
She’ll come along one day,
Til that day, I’m not free.


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