Hear (Word Loop)

Posted: November 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hear that hard harping harmonica sound issuing from the stereo as Bob Dylan croons in that lilting, slightly out-of-tune warble of his. His voice reminds me of my plans for the summer; to take some saved-up money and a couple of pieces of clothing out for a long time of walking through the urban California landscape, to be a rolling stone and throw all caution to the wind. Wind picks up outside, Santa Ana’s whirling past my ears with a teasing quality. Quality time with the unknown, that’s what I need, that’s what I desire. Desire has been my driving force since the womb: desire for entertainment, for wealth, for love. Love and grace and beauty and all those bullshit words we really think can equate with the original concepts, they’re all an illusion. Illusion can be pretty, no doubt about that; but it’s gorgeous when something has been so stripped down to its raw formation that it no longer needs a word to define it. It’s impossible to explain that without labels; you need words for that. That is the mystery we struggle to answer, the quest we all roam for. For a week’s time, I want to be unfettered and unconnected, lacking the chains of words; I want to see ____ and ______ and especially ________ in all its glory. Glory will come to us all in time, in one form or another, though whether we are known by a word or by a feeling is ultimately decided by how we live. Live is my performance, and bootleg copies will be run all over the Internet in a desperate race to discover my intentions, to decipher my legacy. Legacy, however, is meaningless, as are words; we give them our own meanings, we make them our own. Own your words, own yourself; and off I go, in search of the meaning of my own words, however far they may be. Be they in the next state or the next yard, those words are mine to hear.

  1. madre says:

    excellent journey, go forth into the night. with a flashlight.

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