A Song of Myself (Whitman)

Posted: November 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

I am drifting-
Fortunate son abandoned by the side of the road
Surrounded by blunted chunks of safety glass-
I have sympathy for the devils crowding around my gravel bed,
Rough cushion against my face; no insurance.

Try, just a little bit harder
I tell myself.
Push yourself up from the ground
And make it work, rise as an iron man
Walking out onto a little wing.

Be the passenger through a rip in the sky,
And take hold of nothing on the way down.
Hear London calling your name.

Or Dublin, or Amsterdam, or Portland;
Don’t be another Hollywood pipe dream,
A resident of hotel California.
Everyone moves to be close to the brown-eyed girls,
But you: move for the experience.

Are you gonna be my girl, you chant endlessly,
Drifting from Roxanne to Penny Lane to Lucille.
The rollercoaster is breaking down,
Sparks flying, gimme shelter from that fire;
Move, move, move for that experience, that Great Perhaps.

Drop those bags upon the floor,
Don’t bother holding them up anymore.
Rip up that death letter before you send it away;
You know what hides under the bridge
But don’t let anyone else know.

Calm like a bomb,
Your finger stays far from ignition.
Can’t stop, can’t let it out,
For it holds too much honesty
To be borne silently.

Swagger on in this false confidence:
The lead shell surrounding truth.
Plug all leaks; let no machine gun breach security.
Guard your heart like a barracuda,
Rip to shreds all wandering eyes.

That beast with two backs becomes a beast of burden;
With every meaningless gesture,
A portion of your measurable soul disappears
Beyond the black mountain side.
Be like a rolling stone: stop for no distraction.

You don’t know me
So please never pass judgment.
Let it be, let me be tranquil,
Free from the welcoming embrace of woman
And enclosed in a cloud of self.

  1. madre says:

    guard your heart like a barracuda until the right one comes along then sticky web will glisten over your eyes and your heart will open to let the intended in even for a moment which might last a lifetime.

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