Posted: December 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

I took in the view, making sure
not to blink for fear of missing her.
Her name was Christen, the first of those devilish pixie women
to steal my heart with just a look.
Violet hair surrounded that pale, heart-shaped face;
a streak of blond ran errant through the back.
Those eyes of mottled green were wide and soulful,
two pools of molten jade so beautiful they hurt to watch.
She was an enigma, smelling of vanilla, cigarettes,
rock and roll; the girl I knew I would never have.
I saw the torrid lyrics of punk music swirling around her pale visage,
an impenetrable barrier of former abuses;
she was not one to give her inner self up easily.
I wanted to be the one to rescue her from certain death,
from the path I suspected her actions would take her.
I wanted to soar above her ashes with her phoenix form in tow,
crying my happiness and holding her hand tight in
a gesture that never let go.


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