Posted: December 8, 2010 in Poetry

There came a time when I roamed the seas
Round the Scandanavia coast,
Viewing the beautiful cities,
I could not see them for my coat.

That old coat had marked me as a traveler,
And in that guise I stayed impersonal,
To the populaces I visited, I was a stranger,
No further did I endear myself to the sociable.

I embodied that of solitary,
Of impersonal mariner at sea,
No time for frivolity,
There were places to see.

With coat always on,
The people on my journey passed me by,
In retrospect, my mistake was done,
Lacking the prospect of new allies.

My odyssey was incomplete
Without the social strife,
For I needed that complete
And unabridged life.

The day that I returned,
The coat had fallen to fray,
There was nothing I had earned,
And nothing I could say.


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