Howl Emulation

Posted: December 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

I watched the greatest actors of my generation dragged through the mess of hallucinogens and mind-blowers; those thinkers and artists lost their unique gifts through the passing of one night riddled with a succession of bad choices.

I gaped, horrorstruck, at my peers as they grew attached to their reality television bombshell carved out of coked-out minds and served with the bones from a corpse called creativity.

We all chanted mindlessly along to the pop wasteland issuing from our radios with reckless abandon, no thought for the past and the guidance that Hendrix and Lennon and Morrison fought and died for as poets on the front lines of the conflict ideology.

Screeching issues from the streets of a planet that now despises itself, a wail that pierces the stratosphere echoes out in a terrifying cacophony that convinces us to swallow the pill marked “emergency” left behind for us by the early generations, for they knew how it would all turn out.

The last stanza swelled upon itself, thickening and bloating to match the pace of teenagers eager to outpace the accomplishments of hard-won state; their attacks lessened with time, for they knew they were outnumbered, though few ever expected a war.


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