That Day I Saw Her

Posted: December 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

I wake up and shower and read a chapter of the book I’m reading and
brush the teeth in my head with the brush in my hand and
I feel at peace with everything all around and
the booze from last night’s not affecting my walk so I head off to English class and
I spout off my opinions like a common jackass and have them spouted right back at me and
I leave feeling very cosmopolitan and sophisticated and
I head to the cafe and eat a lasagna like I do almost every single day because
that’s the most palatable thing they serve in that fucking place and
now I’m rushing to fill out a worksheet due in my class and the time is weighing down on me
and is that presentation due today no that’s next week thank god and
I’m off again to History of Rock where we learn about Run-DMC and the evolution of rap-rock
and it’s fascinating stuff that really illustrates the incredible transitions rock’n’roll music has
made from the days of Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis and I am off again with no more classes and
what a glorious feeling that is and my headphones are
burrowed deep in my ears with Conor Oberst singing political in my head and
I find myself singing along as you walk past me and my head turns and
I stare slack-jawed and I want to say something but dammit you’re too beautiful with
that long dark hair and piercing blue gaze and I can’t compete with my bad body and
sarcastic demeanor and sonofabitch you’re kissing that asshole from English and
so I turn my head and shuffle forward back to the room for some time with my book.


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