Posted: January 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

No one catches a train coming when their brain is on the tracks,
When the thought is not engaged, when your mind is fighting rage,
When the vodka swells up through the cracks of a hellish void.
A woman’s tests beat the rest when she’s worth the struggle that you’d avoid,
Snuggling close under old cold sodium lamps projecting damp orange clouds
When the alcohol’s warmer than your favorite sweater, when two women gather
Beneath roaring train tracks and unspoken wishes gliding silent like fishes.
They talk about protests and balance upon trestles and nestle themselves in nests full of soft thought.
A moon trickles through the tracks and it prickles the back of their necks with its gaze
And in the coming monsoon their eyes begin to glaze and they realize
They can’t prevent the dawn from taking them on and breaking their hearts in a tawny display.
So they put all their feelings away and destroy the ties that lie unbreakable between them
Trembling like frightened children faced by events that foreshadow windows of change.
Thoughts run a range of 20,000 leagues as they dive beneath a sea of regret
And they finally get it; throwing themselves backwards into untoward pools of self-loathing
They get themselves wet and they find their lives set
Into paths that others don’t get, those psychopaths and their control freak peaks.
Settling into meddling and the minutiae of affairs, climbing unfamiliar stairs
And taking them two at a time without thought for a rhyme
Or a way to end time.


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