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Posted: February 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

Remember the first time
I refused to go to church?
When it became apparent
that I wasn’t an apostle
to your Lord Jesus Christ,
oh hallowed be his hypocrisy.
You were fairly silent in that
swelling anger sort of fashion,
like the way that I imagine
people shut up when they first saw
pictures of people scarred by napalm
that maybe you dropped.
Let’s be honest though,
you weren’t the best model
for those Ten Commandments
that you praised so much;
remember thou shalt not commit adultery?
Out the window while I was in utero.
Did you remember thou shalt not kill,
when you called air strikes on
the Ho Chi Minh trail?
But hey, don’t beat yourself up about it, dad,
eight out of ten ain’t bad.


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