In real life

Posted: February 22, 2011 in Poetry

It’s like cold sweat niggling sort of fear
piercing the back of your head, the sensation
of being watched or followed or studied
like some sort of experiment.
A real icy generational feeling that
creeps through like a goddamn chemical
disease sifting through the air and
everyone coughs up blood in their
bathroom sinks and nobody tells anyone
else because they all think
it’s only their problem and we never
communicate and find out what’s wrong.
The genuine article of terror, a sense of
immoral displacement that you try to
distance yourself from with alcohol
and videogames and reality TV because
you really don’t want to think about
what comes after the endless weekends
of microwave diets and a predictable
litany of classes and financial
aid payments and groping each other
in sweaty ten-feet-square dorm rooms.
We sure as hell don’t think about it
because it is more terrifying than
anything we have fucking known.


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